Idea (also how about thread titles of less than five characters to be allowed)



Ability to delete own threads.

(I would destroy the fuck out of that vehicles on TV abomination)


I don’t think this should be allowed personally. Once a thread is posted it ceases to belong to it’s author IMHO.


You red (commie not football) bastard.


Yes, I’m with Ant.

Live with your mistakes.

Choke on your own scabs.

Drown in your own filth.

I think that’s what he said.


Every thread is a gift Lonzy, would you give your lovely wife a Christmas Nußknacker and then take it back to the
geschäft even if she was enjoying it?


But can’t you just ask a mod to delete it for you?


You can get threads locked, which would see them disappear down the front page.


Nobody apart from the thread starter should be able to edit the title.