Idea for a TV show

‘The Hunt For The Next Bradley Walsh’


Breaking Bad but it’s all the muppets

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the muppets but they’re all bradley walsh


I would absolutely watch this.

Bradley Walsh hunts muppets (with a gun)

hosted by Jessie Pink Man


Alternatively, the muppets hunt Bradley Walsh a’la C4’s Hunted.


Gunny Walsh hunts Muppet Brads


I had a good idea for this the other day. They ought to have another team of people whose job it is to fuck around with everyone: giving the runners biscuits full of laxatives, telling the hunters that one of the pairs had gone to M&M World etc.

Couldn’t make it any worse could it? That’s not possible.

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Ha! I think that idea could actually make it watchable you know.

Coming a cropper with Roy Cropper

Spin off series following the highs and lows of Roys adventures around South America, before realising his true home is Weatherfield.

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hopefully Bradley Walsh is the last of the generic cheeky chappy white male presenters we’ve all been forced to endure since the beginning of time. Bruce, Barrymore, Chegwin, Dennis. ENOUGH! END IT, NOW!

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I feel there will be a never ending stream of them tbh. I reckon the next one will be Roman Kemp.


Literally just about to post this

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Springwatch but the presenters are all badgers.

A re-do of the steeplejack programme with Fred Dibnah, but instead of Fred it’s fronted by a badger.


Roy actually just came back from a short trip to South America, missed your window there

Bradley Walsh enters in disguise- and comes second!

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Yeah this is series to document the whole trip

And Brian Conley comes 1st!