Idea for increasing morale, camaraderie and education within large organisations

At 2.00pm a link to a random wikipedia page is sent to you.

At 2.10pm you are put on a skype call with someone from within your organisation (chosen at random). You can discuss the wikipedia subject or just shoot the shit.

At 2.20pm your return to work enthused and with a new acquaintance and knowledge. By the end of the year 235(ish) subjects have been discussed and 235(ish) people of all levels have been met.

This is my gift to the world. I call it the Balonz project for a better world. Maybe if you work in a smaller organisation or self employed/unemployed you could be put in a pool with others. Maybe at the weekend just randoms from all over the world (no showing your gens please).

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(this is largely because I would rather do this than go to ‘network’ at our conference tomorrow)


Sign me up!

Do I get remission from teaching?

Your support is appreciated.

Maybe the students could all do it too? But yes of course you will. Don’t forget to stay 20 minutes late though.

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Sorry, I’ve got the afternoon booked out to write up appraisals - I won’t be able to attend your 2.10 call.

Topic issued:

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I say we all turn up, do our jobs and then go home.

We’re not friends and we do not need to be.


You from London or something?


I said “turn up and do our jobs” so clearly not.

Great work balonz


The main controversy surrounding these theories argues that emotions cannot happen without physiological arousal.

Rubs thighs

Maybe instead of wikipedia pages you could use pornographic videos

We’ll have to try all different things in the roll out. Noted and added to the list.

What article did we all get?

I’m learning about Alucita stephanopsis, a Brazilian moth.

Nice. The random article function is throwing up a central/south american theme.

shit like this is the reason i dont sign into my phone

Tomorrow you have been selected to talk to talk to @anon35600300 about

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