Idea (potentially world saving)

I heard on a radio thing a while back that there’s a shortage of sand for use in building materials, etc.

Dig loads out of the bottom of the sea. This will also lower sea levels, saving at-risk areas from the effects of climate change.

Come back, Sadpunk, all is forgiven!

Think he’s off counting his millions. I’m giving this idea to the world for free.

Shouldn’t really make buildings out of sand. You seen what happens to sand castles when the tide comes in or a bully kicks them?

But the tide won’t come in any more, dumbass.

This already exists and its really bad for the environment.

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It’s merely a component I believe. Also used in sandpits, sandpaper (?), etc

(although the bully point is well founded and a genuine risk)

Better make it in a bully free zone which would mean you couldn’t go there judging by your very mean post.

I’ve bought a few bags of sand over the past few years because my wife claims the pit needs changing every year because creatures live in it. Bullshit. I’m ruining the building trade!

if you turn it upside down you could time how long it would take to build again!

whenever I am in B&Q they have loads of fucking sand and I never see anyone buying it! apart from me to make some mortar