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Buses should be numbered such that their numbers add like vectors. So, getting a 15 and a 5 would get you to the same destination as a 20. I’m not sure how it would work with two 10s.


This sounds like exactly the sort of logistical shake-up those fucking arseholes could do with. Excellent idea Foppsinho.


I endorse this. This would definitely work. Definitely.

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We should press on with the implementation of this before anyone manages to pick holes in it.


My idea is better…

Bus numbers should all be in the range from 1 to 360 and the route number should correspond to the bearing from origin to terminus.

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Sounds awful and pointless
Not into it

sOUndS awFUl aND PoInTLeSs
nOT iNtO iT


this has done me

not sure why

What if two terminuses (termini?) lie on the same bearing ffs

Such a negative nelly.

Imagine being a tourist somewhere and missing the number 20, you’d know how to get to wherever you’re going without much effort. If you could only get a 17 and a 4, you’d know you’d get pretty close, 22 is pretty close to 20.


They would have different origins in that case, so it shouldn’t really be an issue.

I dunno, I imagine there’d be all sorts of problems when it came to practicalities.


Maybe they start at the same bus station but do their terminusing at different locations on the same bearing. One close, one far away.

Einstein - "Hey guys I’ve just discovered relativity …"
Meowington - “Sounds awful and pointless Not into it”

Newton - "M8s, I’ve invented gravity!"
Meowington - “Sounds awful and pointless Not into it”

Elvis - "Uh-huh I’ve got a new style of music I want to play for you right now - it’s called Rock and Roll"
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But you’d then add like 2 hours to your journey or something
Buses come along every few mins so it’s not an issue is it

In that case you could use letters to differentiate the services.

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An aisle after the checkouts in the supermarket in case you forget something, then you can buy it in that aisle.


where are you getting 2 hours from? 20 isn’t the duration of the journey in hours.

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Not into this one either
The whole shop is there
Go back and reasses your shopping tactics

Oh we’re introducing letters now. We’re trying to simplify things here, not introduce alphanumeric chaos.