Ideal Residencies

Inspired by David Byrne’s ongoing American Utopia Broadway show -

Reckon Low should have a Christmas residency at Manchester Cathedral or similar, would be good.

You should also be able to go to some forest in Maryland and watch Avey Tare and Panda Bear bash out 2 chords on acoustic guitars and go “Ooooeeoohaaaaeee” etc. from 12-6am on any given summer weekend evening

Any others?

Low should also play a residency at The Union Chapel but only when conditions can be described as freezing as fuck. Oddly makes their gigs 10% better.


Church venues work very well for certain types of gigs.

I saw Penelope Trappes do her third album at St Pancras Old Church. Wouldn’t mind her do each album in full at that venue.

Also, would like to see Darren Hayman do some of his recent albums in full as a residency at The Lexington or The Shacklewell Arms. Those venues suit his style.


Kasabian and this gaff.


Low at the Barbican

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers on the surface of the sun.


All in the bands like as close to me as possible. Total convenience please. Have my lastfm top 20 do a series of residencies at the Tadross Hotel, Barry throughout 2022.


I like that Billy Joel plays once a month at Madison Square Garden (or did at least, no idea what the situation is now). Never gonna go, but for some reason I like that it happens.

Low at the Tunbridge Wells Playhouse


The Beatles, Sabratha, Tripoli.



Hot Snakes alternating Friday night in my living room and @shucks’s for the rest of time.

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Basically, Low should move to England

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Obits and The Night Marchers support

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I’d love to see Yo La Tengo bring their Hanukkah residency to the UK and this year on night 5 Low joined them so everyone would be happy.

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Oasis. Brudenell

Celine Dion at The Moth Club


Awww, was thinking about this the other day, I had such a good time watching the stream they did for 2020.

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The Hold Steady in your local pub.

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