Ideal snack RIGHT NOW

what does your heart desire?

i want a wagon wheel

just finished a topic so… another topic please.

I’m actually very full




Just ate a huge brownie that was chocolate orange flavour

tinned rice pudding

some biscuits to go with my cup of tea

I actually have some choc caramel digestives and choc chip hobnobs - but I’m saving them to eat with the kids this evening. so no snacks for me

Fresh cream doughnut pls japesy

Peperami firestick
Oat and raisin cookie

that’s the 200K talking :grinning:

Oh man, chewy oat and raisin cookies pls

you had this one?

it is too good



god damn it. really want some now.

who would have thought a thread about delicious snacks would have me craving delicious snacks

is rice pudding a snack? probably not actually, but fuck it

what is it if not a snack

obvs it can be a pudding

but also a snack

i believe it is always a pudding (the name gives it away)

you can snack on a pudding though

Some spicy wedges would do the trick. Maybe a pot of garlic mayo to dip them in

The chili and lime cashews in that graze bag. Forget the rest of the nuts just want the cashews

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