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Wedges on they’re own isn’t a meal.

Wedges, a chicken kiev, some peas. Now you’ve got a meal.

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Imagine if someone invited you round for dinner and gave you a plate of wedges


not quite a meal, not quite a snack either

Thin end of the wedge if you allow it

sounds quite nice tbh

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a treat

its a “I’m not going to have anything “proper” so this is effectively my meal, meal” - like when you are in the pub, realise you aren;t going anywhere and that you need something more substantial than crisps in you to soak up the booze

Having that mid afternoon when you have had lunch, and dinner is still to come is madness

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cheese and apple sandwich

Sour cream and chive Pringles, and lots of them.

Entire pack of party rings


pork farms sausage roll

with jam on?

Might make up an opinion that any savoury foodstuff is a meal if you eat enough of it.
5 packs of quavers: meal
Shopping bag full of bombay mix: meal

Alright, Bob marley

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if you can’t eat it along with a cup of tea, then it’s not a snack

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One mouthful or one sitting?