Ideal snack RIGHT NOW

all of them

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Weird how a portion of chips is a meal though, but only if you get them from a chip shop???

Actually, I’ve decided I want some of these:

With a bottle of San Miguel

again, not a meal.

I have some “king size” Reece’s cups I bought in the shape of pumpkins, at the weekend, I really want those.

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making a right meal of this

Big bag of chips is definitely a meal.

its just something to eat. not a meal, i"m afraid


bag of chip shop chips

  • meal
  • not a meal

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wagon wheel too

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Depends when you eat it

Tea time - meal
After the pub - snack

Could absolute murder a bit of quiche atm (borderline meal)

not a snack though is it

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No, it’s just something to eat, as I’ve said.

Fucks sake.

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I just have the normal ones, which i assume are just like regular Reece’s but with a gimmicky shape (all about those gimmicky shapes)

really like this concept of “it’s just something to eat”

one of the only food things you’re right about

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I will restrain myself from responding to the second half of your post, for now.


scampi fries and a pint

this can’t be a meal.

You can’t have a meal if it’s cold food