Ideal stag/hen do

Number of people
Length of time
Night out

number of people: 0
length of time: 0 minutes
locations: nowehere
activities: nothing
might out: no


Getting married next year. Thinking of swerving a stag do completely

Thought you’d have fancied a nice bike ride with some all time dogs

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5 people
24 hrs
weed and fifa
probably not

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2 hours
swimming pool
swimming with inflatable island


Mine was pretty great.

Ten of us. Train down to Bristol. Hit up a load of nice pubs / breweries. Had a fancy steak dinner, then watched England / Wales rugby. Kebab on the way back to the hotel.

Of course I spoiled by getting too pissed too quick, falling asleep at dinner and throwing up everywhere, but that’s what it’s all about!

none of my ATDs are cyclists

Any I’m not invited to.

Number of people: 8
Length of time: A day maybe?
Location(s): Close to my home
Activities: Play some football, watch some football, have some food
Night out: No

Wait, is this question supposed to be for the ideal stag do FOR me or for one I have to attend?

is there any difference?

We’re going karting, then to Rodizio Rico (which I fully expect to become an eating competition) and then going up Broad Street getting smashed, having a fight and getting arrested for my stag do in a few weeks.

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Number of people - 8-10
Length of time - week
Location(s) - The Bahamas
Activities - Scuba Diving. Drinking. Swimming. Swinging.
Night out - Casino and shitload of booze

Been on a couple of good ones that were not just the usual drinking sessions.

I think my favourite was one of the guys I play football with - it was on Cup Final day and they’d booked out a five-a-side pitch and there was a charity challenge to run a marathon during the course of the day. There was a round robin football tournament with dads, kids and us, then a buffet lunch when the football was on in the clubhouse, before a trip to a restaurant for dinner rounded off by a couple of drinks in a pub. Nothing crazy or extravagant, but just a lovely day.

Number of people - 100
Length of time - three weeks
Location(s) - jungle
Activities - combat archery
Night out - continuation of combat archery.


I had lots of reservations for mine but was great in the end. We ended up doing separate day activities (for me - go-karting, climbing, break to get washed/changed drinks, dinner) then both groups met up for drinks at about 9. Was a really nice day.

This is/was my ideal stag do.

That sounds good. I think football would be a big part of mine. A friend did a pedal pub through hamburg to a Hamburg game, with all of them dressed as Kevin Keegan during his time in Germany. Decent balance of fun and laddy bants, that

They’ll just be soooooo much cocaine and i can’t be arsed with that type of night anymore

Mine was spot on to be fair. Although there was too many people all in. Think the ideal is around 15 tops. Go to a decent town/city in the UK. No activities. Just drink heavily for 2 days. Pretty much what we did and was perfect.