Ideal stag/hen do

This is an amalgamation of the best bits of ones that I’ve been to:

  • converted barn
  • hired in caterers
  • wine tasting (i.e. drinking ALL the wine)
  • crystal maze (live, not on tv)
  • clay pigeon shooting

Reckon that would do me nicely

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Thought this was the shitty dates thread and you’d had an incredibly charmed life.

had mine last year

Number of people: roughly about 20
Length of time: started about 12pmish, ended about 2am
Location(s): glasgow
Activities: played bubble football/fives, went for burgers then went to WEST brewery then got a massive cargo and had a party in mine
Night out: N/A

I just went to the pub. Was in a bit of a state so we just called a bunch of people last minute and had a great time. Ended up drinking beers in the park in Whitechapel.

Best ones are country houses rammed with all the booze (drugs too if you like) and food then disintegration for 3 days. It’ll be made by the crew obvs.

Doing this on Friday. Well excited.

Just had a friends stag do at the weekend which was my 10th in total and so happy to think that this was probably the last I can see myself doing for the forseable future as all my friends seem to be married up now.

I’ve had very good ones abroad and at home and some which have been a bit too LADS LADS LADS for my liking. But the best one for me was when both the married to be couple decided to have a joint hen and stag do together on a beach house on the Gower, we are all pretty close friends anyway and just seems the right thing to do for those two people and us as a group of friends. Just really felt more like a celebration and a good time without each party trying to do the stereotypical thing they are meant to do on stag/hen do’s, would definitely think about doing something like that if I got married.

Yeah we had a joint stag/hen, partly because we have a lot of mutual friends and it would’ve been weird to separate off into girls/boys, partly because the idea of pink bride-to-be sashes and cocktail-making/cake-decorating/plastic willies actually made me angry just thinking about it. We booked out a bunk barn in the Lakes with its own bar for the whole weekend, pissed about in boats on the Saturday then got back to an open fire and fish and chips afterwards. Also meant I didn’t have to invite my mum.


who was it that did one where they just played super Nintendo games and smoked loads of weed?

Sounds ace that


plus any that don’t come anywhere near me when I’m on a night out


+1 grim Pink baseball cap

well, ideally both. Bit of variety.

Mario Kart; Streetfighter II, Speedball, PGA Tour; Micro Machines (mutli-tap); Pilot Wings for when you’re really wasted.

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Anyone wanna do this stag-do and invite me? Many thanks.

Do you know that I can’t find a hitting the pin gif for PGA. Outrageous.

Really? Fucks sake.

Yeah I already watched that!

we had what i’m informed is called a “hag” do. we had some friends over and had beer and pizza and then went out to a bar for a couple of drinks afterwards.


All the bike wankers I know, 60-80 mile bike ride to a hotel /campsite, bbq, booze, cycle back the next day, more booze and food

One of my uni mates did decide to do the Dunwich (?) ride from London as his stag do. I was invited but I think the weekend was already booked. If it hadn’t been I’d have considered it I guess but given I don’t really cycle and never do exercise I’d have probably decided it was certain death to try.

@plasticniki FYI

ah yeah Dunwich would be a great stag/hen

(I am planning on doing it next year but not for anything other than shits and/or giggles)