Ideas for a family zoom taskmaster thing

Meant to be doing the family zoom quiz on Wednesday but quizzes are officially OVER so thought I’d do something like this instead. Will be 7 or 8 teams, ages 25-70, one solo entrant the rest in 2s or 3s.

Joke answers are welcome and encouraged

Great thread!

Quick question: what’s taskmaster?

It’s like Netrunner but with activities instead of cards

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I did a zoom taskmaster back in July. The tasks the contestants had to do on video/send a photo of before the night were

1 - Get a teabag in a mug from the furthest distance
2 - Recreate a famous movie scene
3 - Make something spin for the longest time
4 - Create a socially distanced portrait of a celebrity by remaining 1 metre or more from your picture at all times
5 - Write a rude limerick about the taskmaster

On the night, I also had live tasks

  • Stand up after 100 seconds
  • Find the most 90s item in your house in 60 seconds
  • Text a family member and get the response Vanilla Ice in the quickest time
  • Write a word beginning with D. The person with the second longest word wins a point. The
    person with the longest word sits out the next round. The first person to score 3 points wins.
    You get an extra point if you write any of my special words. (From memory these were Dinosaur, Dichotomy, Double, Dense, Dribble)
  • Find the bluest item in 60 seconds
  • Text a different family member and get a point if they reply ‘pizza,’ you get a bonus point if
    you can get them to also include ‘large’ or ‘pepperoni.’ All three will get you a further two
    bonus points
  • Draw a happy horse upside down without rotating your paper
  • Bob (up and down) when I say a famous Bob, Pat (your head) when I say a famous Pat, Stand when I say a famous Stan, (show your) Palm when I say a famous Pam. Should clarify I would only say the surnames. So Dylan, Butcher, Lee, St Clemens etc

@Joke2000 has also done one more recently. Check the Taskmaster thread for details of it.


Something we play at home when a bit pissed… find an item from around the house for each letter of the alphabet, and present your findings. Quickest wins.