Ideas for inventions

(that might have already been invented before)

I’ve got a couple:

  1. A mug with an inbuilt thermometer, which warns you if your hot drink is going cold. (I drank a lot of cold tea whilst decorating last week).
  2. Some kind of Excel macro/script that auto-populates addresses if you give it a list of places. (I’ve got to write a load of thank you letters for schools/churches who have had harvest collections for the foodbank, and looking up all their addresses manually was a bit of a pain).

I’ll close this for now but fear not: I’ll reopen this tomorrow.

Saw and advert for VIPoo yesterday so I’d go with a toilet that automatically dispenses VIPoo when you press a button.

How about a device in the wall of toilets that sprays a guy with blue ink if it detects water on the toilet seat?

#1 can be achieved using the sense of touch


I am going to describe this as a ‘burn’ and get extra points for this effectively being a pun too.

An Inventionometer! Where if you’re at home and you’re like “oh I wish I had something that did such and such,” and it immediately 3D prints you one.


Hey @epimer can @anon67149139 get a patent on that?

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But my problem is that I get carried away with whatever task I’m doing and forget I’ve made myself a cuppa. A simple warning system would remind me that my tea’s going cold.

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I know a really boringly detailed amount about the solutions and challenges with the address-finder script…

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Re #2: have you tried the Post Office?


I’ll answer that for £310.

I had a genius idea about 14/15 years ago that is not a million miles away from your number 1) there c_c_b but with an entirely different market and purpose

I’d probably be a billionaire by now if I had a patent for it, but there’s no way I’m going to manufacture or market the thing so here I am instead

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Edible gravel

I think there’s for that.


As a musician I always wanted to get something that would hold cables nicely and stop them tangling. I did think at one stage a sort of horseshoe shaped piece of flexible piping that you fed the cables into might work.

Here’s the BIG invention, though: A Microwave stirrer. Some stuff needs stirring in a microwave so why not have a sort of structure that has four legs that sit in each corner of the microwave then cut over at 90 degrees to meet in the middle as a cross above the dead centre of the microwave turntable. You then attach a stirrer to the bottom of the cross, either a very solid one or one with more or fewer holes in and lengthen it to sit in the middle of the food in the bowl in the microwave. Then as it turns it also gets stirred!

Read this as Edible grave, which could also be a goer.


Why not make it a smart mug that uses BLE to connect to your phone and send you reminders.

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This is precisely why you’d get a patent to it.

To learn more, please insert £310.

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yeah but the patent would be worth nothing without the thing becoming industry standard through mass manufacture & marketing & I have no connection to that industry at all

besides, it’s simply a novel combination of other people’s technologies that are likely patented anyway