Ideas for Music League challenges

Songs you hate but will score well in Music League.


or go one further again:

Song that would get a lot of points in Music League.

Songs introduced by Paul King.


Songs is a foreign language
90s pop

Favourite non album track
TV Theme Song
Live version
Song that mentions another band/artist

Songs with geographical features in the title

Songs that are exactly 3 minutes long.

Songs with a country in the title.

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Similar but songs with a place (building / city / country etc) real or fictional in the title

Similar to the number one on the day you were born one - a song that was in the top 40 on your 18th birthday.


Great song with a US state in the title / about one of the states


when i suggested my covers category, i already had 3 absolute crackers in mind, and have just thought of another one! well, this one is a remix, but could maybe do covers and remix together? very similar, and i doubt everyone would be up for a remix one.

Man, have no idea which of the 4 i would choose! Already having a mini anxiety attack just imagining it! :rofl:

further to my 90s pop suggestion, maybe better or more fun (someone suggested similar) a track from the now series 90-95 or 96-00 would be super fun!

argh, just thought of another great cover! :joy: of one of today’s tracks!

Song titles which would make the best newspaper headline

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This is a great one. I can immediately think of a fantastic song but it’s by that dick Kozelek

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I’d enjoy doing a song from 2021 round already

Songs that start and end with the same letter.


I have a Spotify playlist of my favourite cover songs which is 277 songs long. If that category does come up I am going to need a month just to pick which I will go with.


A track by an artist you like that has less than 1000 monthly plays on Spotify! That would give a load of artists a boost!


Songs from Vietnam