Ideas for potential DiS Days 2018

Hello friends, would be nice to sort out some themed days for the community in advance this year if possible. The themes can be whatever you want really as long as they are well thought out, fun and engaging.

Please use this thread to make suggestions for theme ideas and then the @moderators will sort out the dates and times for their implementation depending on how popular they are.

My first suggestion is ‘ 2049’ and on that day we’ll all post as if we’re the age we’ll be in 2049. There doesn’t necessarily need to be any references to future tech or anything like that, it’s more for the same mundane, day-to-day chat we usually have but as if we’re elderly (example thread might be discussing which denture glue is best or something?)

Now you suggest some please.

DiS Animal Day

You pick an animal, and all replies that you post have to be the noise the animal makes.

1846 for some top jembling action.

I think that is a quite good idea but would have to be on a Sunday or something really.


swap usernames with someone else for a day

try and guess who’s who


This is a great idea, might be difficult to action though.

Forsooth! Enquire with his Lordship of Marckeeshire for particulars.

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Oh God, that sounds… PERFECT! Great idea Lonzy!

Now that Friends is on Netflix and everyone has strong opinions on it, everyone participating could be assigned a specific episode and have to submit a review (minimum 1,000 words, or at least reasonably in-depth) to be posted on Friends Day.


That would be quite fun actually.

People would be able to read your PMs :open_mouth:

Mine are all extremely juicy as well!

swap board day! Everyone has to post about music and the music people can get to know each other’s dietary habits etc


all my saucy PMs are buried under loads of santa chat, it’d be fine

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All my saucy PMs include santa chat!

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Another great idea, hope the @moderators are working on a schedule for all this?

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bring a toy to DIS day

everyone brings in their favourite toy or board game and we all have a jolly good play with them