Ideas for threads this year

We’ve got some great rolling threads and the How Good Are They Really ones are wonderful. The monthly polls.

What half ideas do you have which might work?

Always feels to me like loads of good tracks get missed as we don’t have a generic good songs thread, only some for specific genres

Perhaps we could do the equivalent of Twitter listening parties too, where we listen to a record at the same time and write stuff


He have had a couple of things similar to the listening parties on twitter. Most recently @midnightpunk’s listening club where he chooses an album and a time and if anyone is available, they can listen along. Very good fun.


Oh I missed that completely, will keep an eye out!

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while. Was a half idea I had a few years ago when Reddit AMAs took off and felt like something that could just be done with fans but also nice to invite someone from band or label or the producer.

We did a few listens alongs for album anniversaries a few years ago. Never quite worked out a time of the week for them but maybe it’s a over the weekend kinda thing?

I was trying to find a thread today to ask for recommendations based on me stating two albums I’ve enjoyed this year. Does it exist somewhere or if not maybe something like it.


We need a thread to compile our ideas for threads for this year.


That was the idea of this thread…

Conference league dream teams


How many apples have you fucked


I see little to no mention of Billy Corgan on here.

More Billy Corgan, please.


I’m also in favour of more little or no mention of Billy Corgan.

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Always enjoy a thread of musical puns on a theme, but we’ve recycled a lot recently (breakfast comes up a lot, fish too). I would like a few genuinely new pun threads.

Can we make Monday a weekly Pun-day thread? Perhaps need to take topical topics. I’m sure I can make a list (was often what drove massive engagement on 6 music’s channels linking into national pie week and other such nonsense)

i think every user should have to create at least one thread per week or they get relegated for a couple weeks to a sub board with only smashing pumpkins, radiohead or slayer talk… they would have to read every post in all the threads and serve their time before they can come back.


A harsh indictment on the music board.


you see it

Is the autumn photo challenge the only one or is there other seasons/things?

I think @TheBarbieMovie2023 did something similar earlier in the year where she listed stuff she liked and got people to recommend stuff from this year based on that.

Was a good thread, think other people doing it would work well!


We did something similar on social media a few years back too. Something like: name 3 records you like and we’ll recommend you an album. Or “describe a mood of music and we’ll suggest something”. I’ve done a few posts over the years with “I really like X and Y, what else should I hear?” and had interesting replies.