Ideas what show you are a genius!

In my house we could never remember which bin was going to be collected each Thursday. But now, following a stroke of genius (my genius) we place the newly emptied bin furthest away from the street and the one that will be emptied next week closest. It works a treat and every time I do it I get reminded of how terribly clever I am.

It’s stuff like this that sets some DiSers, you know, people like me @dingaling and @chadders above ordinary folk like maosm.

What ideas have you had lately that set you apart from the rest (ie maosm)?


I do this too!


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They used to laugh at me and my zorb before the pandemic.


When I hang washing up on the line I try to keep pairs of socks together so that when I take them down I can quickly pair them.


I go one better and try and separate out my wife’s, kiddo’s clothes and mine and peg them so when it comes to putting the washing away, they’re already separate


Mentioned it elsewhere, but cracking an egg into a ladle, lowering it into the boiling water & tipping gently after a few seconds = the perfect poached egg.


I just had an idea on how to open a standard late night kebab/pizza/burger takeaway but become a millionaire by doing it. Not telling though.

Hmm, secretive genius.

2p machine restaurant. Meals are in covered dishes within the 2p machines… you have to win your dinner. Fancier dishes are placed further back etc., with starters near the front.


Durrr, what an idiot. Bins are collected on Tuesday.


Store bedclothes inside out within a pillowcase for the set - your bed linen sets are then together, and really easy to put on your duvet/pillows. Magique!


I like this inside the pillowcase idea. I don’t have a problem finding bedding currently but if this part of my life starts crumbling I’ll remember this

Are things genuinely easier to put on your duvet and pillows when they’re inside out? This is another thing that doesn’t feel problematic currently. How much time could I be saving myself?

Loads, though it depends on your bed changing method. I mainly like it because it makes me feel organised, which I’m not in any other area of my life.

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We should have a thread where we post videos of people’s methods for doing things.

It would be the best thread ever I reckon.

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Since lockdown and being stuck working from home I have pre-loaded my mugs in the cupboard with teabags. Now I just grab one and poor in the boilng water.


I invented this too. But then I realised that just cracking the egg into the pan had already been invented and worked fine.



What if you would like an alternative hot drink?

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Then I turn on the coffee machine and grab a coffee cup from the other cupboard and make that. They are the only two hot drink options I need.

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