Ideas you have that might just Save the Economy


Here’s mine. Everyone on PAYE gets paid quarterly. Cuts admin by two thirds. All those payroll bods can just come in one out of every three months. Then they can then run their other hustles in the remaining two months.

Any other ideas mates?


obvious solution is to just print more money


Eat the rich


Not go through with Brexit.


WRONG, that will Royally Fuck the economy


This is the save the economy thread, you’re looking for the not make the economy even more fucked thread


Interesting idea, please write up a Business Case


Realise that money is a construct and develop a socialist utopia.


Can this idea be monetized in some way?


Nice try narc :grinning:


Make all the existing 1 and 2p coins be worth £1 and £2 respectively


Everything is a construct. Socialism is a construct. Government is a construct.


sweden was the only current socialist-nearly utopia and now they’re going to vote nazi. :frowning:


Calm down Neo/Morpheus :grin:


Don’t work on the false premise that ‘giving people a bit of extra money to put back into the economy’ ever works when the narrative about is ‘squirrel away squirrel away, the end is nigh!’


So you’re saying pay people less?





Oh dang, this may be a a good idea because Ordinary Honest Working People keep their 1 and 2ps in a jar in the kitchen or Hall. But the rich throw them in the wastepaper.

Sainsbury’s also have many 1 and 2ps and I am a shareholder so this would also be good for me personally


Also, 5ps, 10ps, 20ps and 50ps are all worth £5 £10 £20 and £50 respectively but each of our current notes is only worth half what it used to be