Ideas you've had about opening a business

I had a great idea about opening a business near the river in my town.

A small cafe serving actually good coffee and tea (hard to get here, all the local places use the touchscreen machines). We’d also serve wheaten bread with jam or salmon, focaccia with home made pesto and cheese toasties. Maybe a soup of the day and a specials board when I make a Bolognese.

Anyone else have business fantasies? I think my one is pretty solid

what would you call your cafe?

I’d probably name it after the cat who will live in the cafe and entertain the guests

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am liking the sound of this. any eggs on the menu? and coke in a glass bottle?

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drive-thru chippy
drive-thru roast dinners
drive-thru all day fry-ups
drive-thru kfc that doesn’t take 25 minutes
mcdonalds serving breakfast til 11.30am

i’d like to open a bike shop only because i’d quite like to work in a bike shop but there’s no way i’d make enough money to stay open

I’ve seriously considered opening a place that basically just does bowls of chili (meat and vegan varieties both available) and decent filter coffee

However this depends on

  1. my chili being as good as I think it is (I sometimes think I’m the biggest fan of my own food and people who eat it are just humoring me if they say it’s nice)

  2. my ability to make chili every day without getting bored

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reckon we could make this work in the big madge, coffee shop / bike place in pollensa old town, which currently doesn’t exist.

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I have another idea which I think could be the next publishing sensation after adult colouring books, but I’m not sure I have the get up and go to get it up and going

Something about sauce. I forget what.


Some sort of online Network where you can connect with like-minded people, with a really cool feature where when you look at someone’s profile it plays a song of their choosing which will be another way of that person expressing themself. A user’s page will be fully customisable to suit their preferences.


Fuck, really?! But I’m going in two weeks!


Gettin Saucy Wit Da Horsey


there’s something to be said for shops that just sell one thing but do it really well


Hmm might have homemade blackcurrant cordial, maybe coke for if you’re hungover. Might do a fried egg with parmesan and rocket and sirracha mayo?

A takeaway business that is a front for money laundering called “The money Launderer and Chips”

there was a guy on masterchef a while back who was so confident about this lemon pasta thing he made for every dinner party but the judges verdict was “no, this tastes like washing up liquid, why would you do this.” you could see his heart break in real time as he slowly realised that everyone had been forcing that shit down for years out of politeness. always think about him whenever someone compliments something I’ve cooked


I would like to open a vegan greasy spoon cafe. Big fry ups, doorstop sandwiches, builders tea, formica tabletops, plastic chairs, strong black coffee that takes the enamel off your teeth. Open 6am - 2am.


I’d prefer a poachie but it’s not a dealbreaker, you’ve got yourself a customer