Ideas you've had that you won't do anything about

You know those blogs/tumblrs/books/Twitter accounts called something like “reasons my kid is crying?”. That, but “reasons my Internet Explorer has crashed”, e.g. “I opened Outlook”.

about 16 years ago I had this idea to try to create a new PHP forum software thing. Basically I’d noted how all those sites that ran PHP Nuke - and that was basically any blogging site around back then - had way way more traffic on the forums. Basically the same issue that DiS has had for a while: how do you get the content to be noticed again?

So I reckoned you could make a sort of forum hybrid where everything was just a forum topic and then site owners could pin those to create a front page for people who weren’t logged into the site, and users could decide what they wanted to prioritise. Obviously I didn’t do anything and then social media did it way better than I could ever have envisaged (or monetised for that matter).

Annexing the Seychelles

getting some work done today

Shut up Theo, I’m not in the mood for this.

Your own little one page website, with a domain and email address of your choice (e.g., for a small monthly fee of £5 or something. No tracking, totally private service. Potential to pivot to some kind of social network from the websites over time.

Started to build this out, then realised that it’d mean having to deal with consumer enquiries all the time. Not worth it.

Like a life coach but they tell you if you have a weak handshake.


I want to open a museum of Psychedelic and Progressive Rock in one of those south coast new age towns. Totnes, or Glastonbury. It’s how I intend to see out my twilight years. The entrance will be flanked by those heads on the front of Pink Floyd’s Division Bell album.

I’m sharing it here not because I won’t do anything to make this happen, but because I know it won’t happen.