Identity Fraud

It appears someone is trying to open bank accounts in my name.

Two weeks ago, someone tried opening an account in my name at my parents address, but it was unsuccessful and the bank flagged it. We originally thought it was using my dads details as we have the same name.

But on Friday, another an account at another bank was successfully opened at my current address, and I received the bank details, debit card log in details. Reported it to the bank who are going to close it.

I’ve reported it to Actionfraud and signed up to Clearscore, Noddle and Experian to keep an eye on any new accounts, and one of the banks registered me with CIFAs which supposedly will make it harder to open an account.

I did have builders in recently which was a bit of a worry, but one of the banks said that nowadays you don’t actually need photo ID to open accounts. Plus it would be too obvious for builders to do it so soon.

But does anyone have any other recommendations or experiences?

I had a bout of this a few years ago. Was living in a communal block and it seemed most probable that someone was stealing documents from the building recycling bins and using them to apply for credit (several neighbours had the same thing at the same time). Bought a shredder shortly afterwards…

Damn, it’s already been taken



DiS security > bank security.

Spell check tried changing security to “sexy rituals” which is worrying.


Weirdly, was thinking today about Frank Abagnale (Leo’s character in Catch Me if You Can), the con-man / confidence trickster who successfully pretended to be a pilot, doctor, lawyer etc. Turns out lots of people actually dispute how much of his story is a total fabrication, so in a weird way it could be that his greatest con is that he never actually conned anyone at all.


The cunts have opened a catalogue account in my name too.

Fucking weird and massively stressful, sorry to hear this mate. :frowning:

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Yeah, that’s fucking annoying. It’s the not knowing that’s the worst.

My flat got broken into years back and someone opened a Howdens Credit Account in my name but that was about the extent of it and I got the money back.

My flatmate at the time though had stuff done in his name for years after. Was in and out of court a few times having to prove he hadn’t done all these things. He’d had his laptop stolen without a password, poor guy.

Not identity fraud but I found out someone had bought some stuff on my Paypal account this weekend. Only clocked it because I went in to change a shipping address and saw that someone had added an address in Russia. Turns out they bought a polo shirt and a franking machine(?) on Ebay. Changed my password and reported it to Paypal. Would be more annoyed but it happened in November and I didn’t even notice that the money was gone.

Yes its very stressful. So they managed to open a bank account in my name, and then a catalogue based on that account.

But I’ve got the card, passwords and bank details, and it appears for the catalogue I need to sign a credit agreement, and I presume that they won’t send out the stuff until the credit agreement is signed? So I don’t know how the scam is supposed to work.

Coincidentally I had a Howdens kitchen installed two months ago. I’m now worried if the builders stole some paperwork, but surely it would be too obvious for it to be them?

Plus they seemed really nice.

I took a load of paperwork to the tip once. Some of it was old eBay/paypal receipts that had been printed, with my username and name and address. As I drove off I could see one of the workers look through my stuff, pick something up, and call his mate over. I thought, nah…probably nothing.

About 3 hours later my eBay account was locked due to suspicious login attempts. So yeah, shred every fucking thing.

We had a builder in and my girlfriends piggy bank was emptied of about 100 quid. So I don’t think some people care about it appearing obvious to be honest.

Sorry? I don’t understand your question, point being?

I wouldn’t have thought so, as if they are reputable they’ve got a livelihood to protect and it would be pretty obvious. But who knows.

I’m sure it’s not my builders, as the bank said you don’t need photo id to open online accounts.

Unfortunately, yes.

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It’s not uncommon, sadly.

Also, copying keys and stuff for others to use at a later date too.

It used to be a bit of a standing joke that they’d have a rifle through the underwear drawer if left in a house alone.

A fella let himself into ours once. We had been expecting someone and he had tools and everything, but just opened the door himself and got to work. I asked him how he got in and he said the landlord had installed a blank barrel when we’d had our locks changed after losing some keys. Dunno if that meant all our neighbours keys would have opened our door or just that one masterkey worked in all locks, but it seemed a bit dodgy and something that could easily be abused.

Viz did a few comic strips on this very subject