Idles 2020

Thought that was the problem with some of the lyrics on the last one as well. Especially “Never Fight a Man With a Perm”. A bit “Yeah, that’ll do”

I keep getting these guys mixed up with Algiers. Algiers are great


It’s not a pot shot at their age, it’s implying that they spend so long tweeting that they have given themselves arthritis.

Ha it’s definitely at least a bit of column A, why else refer to him tweeting at 20 year-olds.

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I guessed because it highlights the futility of the action. In an ‘old man yells at clouds’ sort of way. Tbf I don’t really care, I hate idles and Sleaford mods so they can do what they like!

Nadine Shah seems to have jumped on Idles as well, referring to them as Jerks. Pretty sure they used to be m8s. Any idea what happened there?

Unlike Blossoms then who definitely did take a pot shot at their age-


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Just ugly then


the Savage Garden comparison was bang on tbf

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This seems to be it:

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Yep. What a bunch of bells

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Full interview here FYI

Someone on twitter pointed out it’s very Spinal Tap, and that’s a bit hard to unsee.

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Hilarious that jedward are more punk than this lot.


This as well:

“It’s deliberately concise,” adds the flamboyantly moustachioed Bowen. “The mantra behind it is to be as concise as possible, to distil IDLES down to the most IDLES that IDLES can be.”

For a throwaway remark made eighteen months ago, he seems to have been badly rattled by the Sleaford Mods thing

I have seen this tweet approximately 60 times

(Very true though)

Jedward becoming the most politically engaged musical act was something I didn’t see coming for 2020


Lol he also claims in that interview that their new album is the ‘greatest rock album ever made’.

do you think at all he was maybe joking