Idles - Brutalism

Anyone else thinking this is the best thing they’ve heard so far this year? Kicks your teeth right down your throat!

What’s even better is I’ve just realised they’re playing locally next week (good bands rarely visit my neck of the woods). Not missing out on this!


Yeah they’re really good. They kind-of crept up on me as I’d read a few things about them but never bothered listening to them until their more recent singles.

Same here - never knew they existed until very recently. The vocals are delivered with such a depraved guttural snarl, bloody love it. Supposedly their live shows are proper fun fests, looking forward to it

A friend of mine saw them in Birmingham last night and said they were great. There’s an obvious comparison to Sleaford Mods but I think I prefer Idles. Stragely - even though I don’t think any of their songs are that catchy - I’ve been singing “Mary Berry’s got a job” in my head pretty much all week!

Not heard of them before but I like that song a lot. They’re playing in Newcastle a week today, I think I’ll be going to it!

Seen them a few times now, supporting Pile, Metz and playing their own headline show all in Bristol.

Should really grab a couple of tickets for the Cardiff date, always worth a look see.

Marry Berry’s got a degree, so why don’t you get a degree… same here. There’s a few like that. Reminds me of how FOTL lyrics get in my head and go round and round for days

Same for me. Already got my ticket for Cardiff.

Seen them supporting bands over the last few years and never been that fussed but they totally won me over supporting Pile in Cardiff last year. The show at the Fleece last week was incredible. Well worth going to see them

This is excellent!

Totally get the McLusky and Sleaford Mods references. Bit of a British Pissed Jeans vibe going on too.

Yeah was getting the Pissed Jeas connection the other day also. Both nasty nasty pieces of work

And also fully in tune with that idea of pathetic masculinity.

Quite annoyed they seem to have dodged the west of Scotland on that tour…

I think they actually supported FOTL for a few dates on their last tour.

First I’ve heard of them. Album is so up my street it’s ridiculous - black humour, post punk and something to say. All fucking in.


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Have been listening to the album non-stop for the last week. ‘Exeter’ is my favourite. So good

Also, they are supporting the Maccabees soon. Not sure how they’ll go down there. Although Idles were originally very heavily Maccabees influenced (if you listen to their first EP you wouldnt know it was the same band) and they are apparently big fans.

1049 Gotho has a slight early Maccabees ring to it

So far mine are Mother, 1049 Gotho, Stendhal Syndrome and Slow Savage. They’re all the business though

Don’t know why, but ‘trevor Nelson likes football’ does me every time


good band


Cardiff booked - WELL DONE!