Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)

Love the build up in this.


This album will be massive if this is anything to go by.

Thought he was singing about Pimms at first


First thought - sounds like Hey Colossus. Then saw the title.

big fan of Stone Cold and Ted DiaBase (his former manager) in this vid

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“I’m like Ted DiBiase, I win no matter what it costs me”


sorry yes, should have said song AND vid

“I’m like Stone Cold Steve Austin, I put homophobes in coffins”

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It does a bit. With a hint of Arabrot.

weird how I slept on this band for so long, think I’m naturally a bit suspicious of modern UK post-punk bands

I like this a lot, and liked the debut album a lot. Pleasing.


I like Brutalism a lot. A hell of a lot.

So much that it’s actually my 8th most played album of all time.


I had to mentally prepare myself to hate this before playing it so as not to overhype it in my own head.

That seems to have worked because this is fucking stonking and enough to make me massively excited for this album.


Sooooo pleased I saw them “small” at that Rough Trade East album show; they’re just gonna get bigger and bigger aren’t they… Heaven was so rammed. See you down the back in Brixton Academy soon!


Ah this is marvellous!

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Yeah I was concerned they’d go a bit basic but this is firing on all cylinders. This is stronger musically, and the lyrics are more enigmatic/out there but still have that sarky charm and wit.

I’ve listened to this track over and over and over again.

As said upthread these are great live too. Saw them shortly after Brutalism (wouldn’t have realised they were playing if it wasn’t for a thread on here!) and it was really memorable. So much fun.


Been burned too many times by the NME

Makes sense but there’s some good UK post-punk at the moment. Idles probably being one of the best.

Who else then? I’m loving me some USA Nails and Blacklisters (both discovered on the editorial part of this site actually) - what others would you recommend?

Sauna Youth 100%

Shopping, too


didn’t really like Idles at first but in light of Colossus I went back to Brutalism.

OK. I’m sold. Listened to it maybe 4 times in a row today already.