Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


I was trawling through the thread just to make sure I wasn’t the only one.

Can’t get on with it…had the same issue with Brutalism last year. I’ll just have to accept they’re not a band for me. I realise @jordan_229 has already addressed some comments made about the lyrics…personally I think the issues they talk about have been covered with more subtlety, across all media forms, so i don’t agree. That said…subtlety doesn’t make the lyrics any “better”, it’s just personal taste.

Generally though, I’m just not grabbed by the music. It sounds less angry and more just generically “heavy”. My loss, I guess.


Number 5 in the album chart. Hell of an achievement really…


I’m a bit on the fence and I can see where both sides are coming from. I do enjoy the record but agree the lyrics are quite simple and lack subtlety, though the subject matter often elevates it. It does sound less raw/angry and softer round the edges, but I do think they have developed their songwriting at the same time. Swings and roundabouts for me. I don’t think I’ll ever really love them, more that I just enjoy them a fair bit, but not as much as I should given my tastes.


I do think it’s amazing how I’m the space of a few songs I feel quite uplifted and optimistic with Danny Nedelko and then hit rock bottom with June. An album of extremes right there


Cool, I’m on the fence with the lyrics but the fact they’re addressing some very important issues in a matter of fact way is comendable (for me anyway). Yada yada yada hey hey hey hey


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Coke innit?

Not heard it before but You can call it whatever you want I reckon.

If someone asked me if I wanted some Jack Nicholson I’d assume it was coke too.


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I wasn’t sure if it was actually referring to a bag of chopped up Michael Keaton. “I’m Bagman”


I really tried with this record, but the lyrics are such a stumbling block for me. I wanted to love it.



Well done.


Ahhh this has clicked and I am addicted. Best thing when that happens.


Bearing in mind the lyrical and interview mentions of jungle, and also the Pavement and Dylan references am I hearing a homage to this in Danny Nedelko?


193 (4) posts…is this album really worth that.

It sounds no different to any other album from 2008?




I’m having this experience. Reviews and recommendations suggest I should love this record, but it hasn’t been really blowing me away. I’d almost like it to.


Idles…are just a band


It’s good but I think I still prefer the previous album. The lyrics on some of the tracks are really grating and remind me a bit of Nathan Barley’s ‘edgy’ rapping. It’s a real shame because tracks such as Colossus demonstrate that they really can write excellent lyrics.


Listening to it now and I like some of the guitar work but a lot of the vocals give me that sense of irritation I get when I’m on public transport after there’s been a footy match in town and all the people pouring out of the stadium won’t stop cheering and I just want to get home and have a cup of tea.