Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


listening to it now, the lyrics keep slipping between endearing and genuinely terrible. musically sometimes good, sometimes annoying.

5 or 6/10 seems more than generous

his pop culture references are also extremely weak, it’s kinda painful


did he just mention tom hiddlestone and harry potter in the same song?

sweet jesus


I am new to this band and have just started listening to JAAAOR (as no-one is calling it) and I would like to add my voice to those saying that this is absolutely and utterly fab.

Yes, I can understand that the vocals/lyrics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but this record (with some moments being obvious exceptions) makes me feel alive. Love it.


Don’t get everyone’s beef with the lyrics to be honest – they’re fine. Great album, enjoying it a lot.


think my main issue is that it kept reminding me of a worse version of numerous other bands. if I listened to it more and actually gave it a chance I’d probably like it a lot more, but he literally quotes Yoda so I doubt that’ll be happening

the first bit of Colossus and the second half of Rottweiler are good though


From the BBC article;
“Firstly I like the idea of annoying people by using the phrasing of Yoda. I hope their toes curl up when I do it.” - Mission accomplished! :smiley:


haha he’s done me there I guess


Aye, but what came first…the idea of annoying people by quoting yoda… or the idea of saying that he likes the idea of quoting yoda when he found out that people find it annoying…

I guess we’ll never know!


What’s going on with the cake anyway?


it’s your anniversary on DiS


I really like this record. I still think I’d enjoy it a lot more without the hype though, even if I know that’s got nothing to do with the band themselves.


This is really growing on me. The lyrics can cringe a little at times, which is a shame really. For various reasons they remind me of Mclusky at times, and with them the lyrics could really make the song. In Idles’ case it lets them down.


Last Friday’s instore at Spillers was one of the most jubilant gigs that I’ve ever attended. Just a joyous atmosphere all around. With the band, on top of the game, totally giving it their all and an audience that clung onto every single word. Made a couple of new friends chatting with others in queue beforehand and shared a big ol’ sweaty hug with Joe at the post set signing. Think their just genuinely a lovely bunch that seem truly touched that they’ve made a connection with people.

Joy is a total triumph imo.


huge fan of this band and a huge fan of this album, cheers


Bought this album cause it was cheap and feel I should support this sort music. I’ll see if it can shake off the first impressions I had upthread.


exactly this. i thought the first album was just fine, the vocals were way too high in the mix for me tho, especially stuff like “the best way to scare a tory is to read and get rich” which is a bit #makeuthink innit. like following some newly woke bro on twitter who only discovered politics existed in the last five years


also lots of people saying there hasnt been a band as political as this for ages, i was talking to my pal in the pub the other night and we were saying theres looooads of bands who do political stuff but theyre not necessarily straight white men so they get ignored by the indie rock press. this was after seeing janelle monae, and that isnt a coincidence


sure, but that’s not Idles’ fault is it


Which bands are these?
Idles can’t really help their gender and race.


and if we’re making about gender and race, I think it’s really good for a white male band who talk about mental health and speak out on toxic masculinity to have become so big tbh