Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


Pleased to see this album (and band) doing well. Apparently it’s in the top 5 on the album charts now. Staggeringly, Ed Sheeran album is at 11 (!) and has apparently been in the album chart for 79 weeks… blimey.


Yep. Its a separate problem as to why non straight white male voices talking about these things aren’t amplified. They should be and people need to work to make that the case.

But to have an album in the UK top 5 with pro immigration, anti toxic masculinity messaging is amazing, and has the chance to reach people who wouldn’t normally connect with this stuff.


los campesinos


obviously its good that these things are being talked about, its just the prevailing narrative around it that theyre the only people who have been talking about these things. when theyre not, theyve just got this big push at the moment. its fine, i guess, i just think theyre not the great band that everyones saying they are


I thought the narrative was that they’re the only band that have made any sort of mainstream inroads to talk about these things tbh


think they could be a good gateway band, even if I don’t like them

and agree with andyvine on pretty much all his points


yeah but why are they the only band to have made these inroads to the mainstream?


Compared to which ones?


dunno its not my narrative


I was replying to this. Who are these bands of which there are loads of?


I’m not au fait with the scene, but I’m fairly sure there are a number of diy queer and feminist punk bands and so on around the UK who have songs about similar things


there are, Petrol Girls for example:


just a guess because music journalism/industry is still largely led by white middle-class males to which I’m no different, but I, for one, at least to try and cover a range of stuff.

(also to be clear I know you and Jordan also do this, but none of us are really in a position to create/control the narrative)


yeah thats what im getting at. also petrol girls are way better than idles


they’re different. Idles have struck upon a sound that appeals to more people, but also have greater exposure to do so. Petrol Girls are indeed excellent but they’re working from a point of disadvantage. That still doesn’t make Idles any less of a worthy band, whatever your opinion on them, it just means more should be done to feature other bands from other walks of life, which I do believe is slowly happening

as has been pointed out, it’s great that a band like Idles who earnestly sing about the topics they do are getting such exposure. Hopefully it will lead to people checking out bands like Petrol Girls as a result.


There are, and I enjoy a lot of them. However most of them don’t have songs anywhere near as good as Idles (loads of em), start off strong but then release first or second albums that don’t keep their momentum (loads but sheer mag and martha are great examples) or are signed up to PRs who are terrible at marketing them outside of their scene (virtually all of them). This is also true of lots of straight white male bands.


I hate it when political bands are popular.
I hate it when popular bands are political.

Not rilly; I love Idles and while they have taken a different road to, say, Future of the Left or USA Nails, both of whom I also love (I chose them as they played with them both at the Garage last year, didn’t they - I’m trying to create a narrative) it doesn’t make them any less good, or more worthy of cynicism and suspicion, does it? I genuinely think what they do is heartfelt and that’s as much as I ever want from music. Oh, and I like the lyrics and I like the vocals and I love them live.


Definitely coming around to this. There’s not as many clunky lyrics as I had feared from my previous listens, it’s perhaps a few songs too long but I’m glad I gave it more of a chance.


On Jool Holland next week. Looking forward to a Boogie Woogie version of Never Fight A Man With A Perm


Yeah, that reminds me of myself at my worst! I’m in two minds about them… in fact, they’re the sort of band I really like, but can’t quite love.

Seem like lovely people with a very warm, populist and positive message, who do actually say things for balance like “[This song, Danny Nedelko, isn’t saying] you voted for Brexit so you’re a racist” (weird Sleaford Mods had a go at them for ‘virtue signalling’ (!) :-/ )

And yeah, their lyrics can be naive, but “My blood brother is Malala” etc, at least they’re naive with a huge heart.

But then again, like so many contemporary bands (I see this with people like Hookworms too) they have their heads buried too much in “My First Guide to being a Woke Social Media Bro.” OK, you say “the best way to scare a Tory is to read and get rich” but how do I get this money in the first place and what exact books should I read? OK, you write against “toxic masculinity”, fine, but define “positive masculinity?”