Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


petrol girls, muncie girls, doe, personal best, kamikaze girls. i was only half joking about los campesinos, they do politics and mental health stuff better and have been getting noisier every record they release


“they do politics and mental health stuff better”

I disagree strongly there to be honest, not least due to the fact that Gareth’s lyrics are often difficult to decipher and we’re talking about a band breaking into the mainstream, but is six white guys + one white girl really that much different to five white guys insofar as thinking its the reason that one is being written about over the other? (I’ll overlook the presumption that every member of Idles is straight as I don’t know them personally and I haven’t seen it mentioned in any of their interviews).


no i know, thats why i only mentioned them jokingly to begin with. their latest is their most straightforward lyrically i think anyway


The problem with the music press not giving female or POC acts enough press, especially in heavy music, is definitely well documented, but you seem to be stuck on the idea that giving one band a lot of (deserved) plaudits and attention somehow detracts from other bands. Good reviews aren’t a finite resource. If everything functioned as it should the bands you’ve talked about would definitely get more press, but that wouldn’t necessitate Idles getting less.


that’s what im talking about, except that i think idles are a bit boring


Would someone in a boring band do this?


You’ll have to ignore Richard Ashcroft too, should anyone on these forums still listen to him.

Had to be a pseudo-laddy 90s has-been, didn’t it?


They definitely went all out for their At The Drive-In moment on Jools last night.


Not surprised they appeared on a show hosted by an all-male presenter


Enjoying the idea that Atd-I are the only punk band allowed on jools


I remember William Reid punching the camera on Jools about 20 years ago.


This is quite a funny jools Holland performance


Was a bit like when the sugary drinks has taken over a childrens party.


I enjoyed it though


It felt a bit ~zany for the sake of it by the end but I’m sure they’ll get a few new fans out of it.


King Princess was great as well


FAO of @andyvine


Is this directed at Idles? They’re literally the middle of a US tour with a support that isn’t a white male (though all male) band. Their U.K. tour has one support throughout.

Didn’t know bands got to choose who they toured with anyway.


Incredibly cowardly doing this kind of thing anyway innit. Call out a band by name if you’re calling them out.