Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


Dunno I’m kinda with @jordan_229 on this one


Usually find myself agreeing with (presumably) Gareth on a lot of issues but this is quite petty


Maybe we should just forget about it all and enjoy a nice, cold, refreshing, socially conscious bottle of Budweiser.


How much of Idles recent success is down to their preaching of inclusivity and equality, is that what makes them stand out at the moment or is it purely the songs, the music. If the words weren’t as strong as they are would they be where they are now?*

  • I don’t know is my answer

If it’s the former and then I guess LC have a valid point in what they are saying.


It’s both but more about the songs themselves.


It’s obv Idles by the reference to “unity”. Such a dumb argument - if they hadn’t spoken up for these things then they’d be “allowed” to tour with all white males? That would be better, right?

Feels like there’s a fair amount of jealousy around Idles at the mo


If Idles don’t make visible effort to play gigs with more diverse bands, or (more generally speaking) create opportunites for diversity, does that devalue the meaning behind Idles’ messages?

I’m not sure where I stand on that. Especially as without knowing how things are handled behind-the-scenes, it’s all guesswork. Although it seems now like Idles are quite big and able to have a degree of influence, that’s a very recent (i.e past few months) sort of thing so it’s unrealistic to expect there would be immediate results off the back of that.

Will be interesting to see whether they try and exert that influence for diversity in the future… but is exerting influence eone of their responsibilities now? Considering they’ve politicised themselves, you could argue it is.

I’m a fan of LC and I get where Gareth is coming from (not that I necessarily agree) but yeah, this discussion doesn’t lend itself well to twitter.

That and Idles (much like LC) are earnest to the extent that it puts off a lot of listeners. Very genuine people in both bands, from my experiences with them!


What makes people think that tweet was a dig at Idles? Diversity in the music scene is something loads of bands are talking about.


As @clang said the ‘unity’ bit seems targeted re: the lyrics to Danny Nedelko


This may be a bit off-topic with all the politics stuff going on but there’s one bit in the album where he seems to be singing “CONCRETE A LEMON!”

  • Yup, great lyrics eh!
  • No, he’s saying something else (insert below)
  • They lyrics aren’t that, but they should be.
  • You what?

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Concrete and leather init?


Think there is a lot of jealousy about their success coming out from other bands in various ways, that being one of them.


@Leopardprint thought it was Concrete Eleven, like some sort of soccer team or something


I’ve heard they got a good aggregate result recently


Still prefer my version.






Lads this is a barn-stormer :joy:


I love their music, but not sure that having a couple of female members can really put LC in a position to call others out like this, they are all white and are from fairly privileged backgrounds. No idea who they have toured with over the years either.


Upcoming us tour/date has Illuminati Hotties and Adult Mum, it seems they toured with Slotface and Muncie Girls after releasing their last album. They do seem to back it up.


Bristol tonight, back on home turf. Hoping for a pretty nuts live show.