Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


really looking forward to seeing them on Thursday, I fucking need a show like this right now


No one else at London show?


An audience of 1


Kevin Eldon and Paul Putner are stood next to me at the bar wonder if one of them will fall through it


Stuart Pearce was there.

Oh and it was excellent.


Hahaha amazing


Kevin was with Stewart Lee (with long grey beard) and Bridget Christie at the end. Don’t usually starfuck but I was properly happy with that. When I saw Bridget live last week, she left the stage to Danny Nedelko.

Well I’m evangelical enough about this lot already - BUT: it. was. bloody. amazing. Transition to bigger venues was seamless. GOTY for me.


Amazing! Found a few people in the crowd a bit annoying but then I get a bit anxious in big crowds :upside_down_face:

But yeah they were great


Yeah there were a fair share of twats where I was, but weirdly given the vibe of the gig they seemed even more noticeably odious and anachronistic than usual. Hmmm. Always nice to think times could be a-changing… not there yet though obviously


Tbh I think you get it with pretty much any hyped band, though it’s often worse in London cuz there’s more of em due to bigger venues


Cant wait to see them in notts next week. Dont normally get too many twats in RC but you never know.


Just wow.
Beg, borrow (but don’t steal, kind people) to go and see them.
Manchester was mint.


Do you think? Better half and I found the sound shit (as always at The Ritz) and the whole thing a bit flat after the first half hour.

Seen Smashing Pumpkins, Warmduscher and Idles this week and I reckon they came third.


Horses for courses


Fantastic last night, not been to a gig like that in Newcastle in a long time. Not sure they needed to play so many tracks, but it was a good setlist. Really liked the slowed down Colossus, and the first album tracks sound huge now.

Considering they played here last year to around 50 people and they just sold out a 1000 capacity venue, yeah it was great to see.


I had to move towards the back half way through the set, haven’t been to a gig with that much energy in a while. That said I agree that maybe it was a bit toooo long, playing all of JAAAOR barring June and around half or more of Brutalism is tiring, but also they are having a nice victory lap this tour I guess :slight_smile:

Also, enjoyed Heavy Lungs, will have to check them out more.


Anyone off to Rock City tonight?


Drink concrete from a lemon


Update: was amazing. Danny Nedelko might be one of my all time favourite gig moments.


I went. Loved everything about it.