Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)



Pre-sale Wednesday morning…


kin ell, these lads don’t take a break do they


Gareth is gonna be fuming at those support bands


They accidentally told me about the Nijmegen date back when I interviewed them. Now it’s public knowledge.


Oooh idles in belfast @Icarus-Smicarus @thesewoodenideas I’m looking forward to the completely undersold crowd at this one because empire don’t seem to promote anything they do


Might be alright, Wooden Shjips pulled a good crowd there the other month, though it was Strange Victory putting that on, dunno about this one. Empire have been putting big billboards up in Botanic lately for their bigger gigs though and I imagine there’ll be a fair bit of word of mouth buzz about this one.


Pretty much the whole U.K. tour (plus extra London date) sold out in about 3 hours. Woof.


Bonkers. Cardiff apparently sold out in few minutes.


I completely forgot. ARGH


Yeah and from what I know they haven’t stopped touring so these don’t have the ‘first live shows in years’ pull.


I knew something was up when the presale tickets went in a flash yesterday - so immediately set an alarm. Even with that I was lucky to get a pair - was gone in a few mins.


Blimey. Well, that’s that then. Really annoyed with myself about this. I’ll just go see Pigs x 7 in April instead.


The tickets on Eventbrite went from ‘not on sale’ to ‘not available’ at bang on 9am apparently. As close to an instant sell out as you can get.


At the rate they went I’m guessing touts and bots were working overtime, so some tickets might be available elsewhere. :disappointed:


Heh. I went from missing out on Idles to tickets to booking to see Pigsx7 straight away this morning :hearts:


I saw a screenshot on the Idles FB page with tickets going for £91 each on stubhub. Bloody hell.


Pigs x7 are better anyway, proper haircuts and stuff.


I bet Idles won’t play a single 15 minute stoner psych banger either. Pathetic.


I was in at 09:00:01 and it said the Cardiff tickets were already unavailable. A lot of people seem to have interpreted that as ‘sold out’. I refreshed a couple of hundred times, until around 9:10 and managed to get a ticket.


The other issue (London-centric comment) is that they’ve gone to a much smaller venue than last time (albeit for more nights). I honestly expected them to make the leap to Brixton next time - I’m obviously not complaining, but that’s because I managed to get tickets…