Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


Oooh nice I’m liking Sauna Youth a lot - and the Kong masks in the vid - cheers


yeah think I’m gonna need to do this too


no problem, they’re my boys (and grrrl) who I’ve played with (and their alter egos Monotony) a couple times.

They’ve got some new stuff on the way, they’re supporting Protomartyr and also that Hookworms/Ought show later in the year (I guess most recent Hookworms record can also be called post-punk?)


oh also their cover of Pissed Jeans is brilliant too :smiley:


I can’t get over the vocals/lyrics which is a shame cos the music is ace.

Th first half of this single is a lot better than the second. Really wish the build had continued, was absolutely loving it.


That stopped me a bit too - it was pretty anticlimactic. Maybe that was the point but it just didn’t work for me.


Shameless Jagging. Lucky enough to support Idles previously so has been fun watching them get big;


I like the lyrics, but often they seem quite cynically calculated. Songs about Stone Cold and Mary Berry are fun, but they’re a bit knowing.


Shoutout to Zack Sabre Jr for introducing me to Mother and getting me well into this band.


Love ZSJ, really want his shirt


Yeah he was selling them at SSS16 but I didn’t have enough cash on me after I’d already bought a signed 8x10 from him plus a classic Progress logo shirt. Lovely guy btw - had a good 5 minute natter with him despite the hoooge queue that was still behind me.


Progress! I went to the Wrestlemania weekend show in NOLA, no ZSJ, but did get to meet Pete Dunne and Walter. I also purchased a classic Progress logo Tee-shirt.


Pretty much the only wrestling shirt I could wear out of the house and not feel embarrassed.



They’ve been counting down to 15:00 today so I’m not sure if this has come early or if there will be another video, or something else


First impressions: Could take or leave this one. For some reason made me want to listen to Queen Of Hearts by Fucked Up straight after, which is a far superior song.


I just got a notification from Bandsintown of a Kentish Town forum show in October so maybe a tour announcement?


World tour and album release (31 August)


Preordered the album and Booked tickets for Bristol on the 16th

Cannot wait (for both) :laughing:


Realised that Idles really remind me of Rohnert Park-era Ceremony


Smashed it last night! Don’t think they’re capable of putting on a bad show. They played the same venue last year to 40-50 people max… easily 300 last night. Was a bit disappointed they didn’t play Colossus but there was a few bouncey new ones in there to make up for it. Bring on the new album