Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


Highlight of Down The Rabbit Hole for me, and will be seeing them again a week today in Utrecht.

Will be interviewing them before the show, anyone got any questions they want answers to?


can u ask them to come to cornwall plz


Maybe I should just shout locations at them like comments on Facebook.


yes. do this.

please come to brazil


Why don’t you come to Cornwall?
Even Tarquin comes to Cornwall.

You get the idea.


Didn’t they play Falmouth about ten minutes ago?


(Might be thinking of Plymouth)


If they’d played Falmouth I’d have gone. Or I missed it.


Reckon I am wrong. Inexplicably can’t be arsed to check, but would’ve put cash on it, yet am clearly incorrect.


They’re playing in Bude at the end of the month


First impressions are bollocks sometimes, fucking love this track. The whole album is fucking amazing tbqh.


Where can I hear it? I want to hear it now.


Mm this reminds me to ask for interview time w/ them at latitude


got the album now, thanks for the reminder @ma0sm :wink:


I wasnt keen at first. Sounded a bit throwaway. Song of the year for me now!


The lyrics aren’t doing it for me. Song is great, prefer Colossus though


Thanks for changing the thread title, I tried to do that myself but then remembered we can’t because of bad things


That line

“My boy fucked Tom Hiddleston’s stylist” really bugs me every time it comes on at the end of Gram Rock

You’ve got this album that uses toxic masculinity as a major theme and then this line at the tail end of a song. I mean, I’m 99% sure it’s delivered through the persona of a cooked up fuckwit, but something about the joyous delivery of the way it’s sung really gets my back up every time I hear it. Especially since the rest of the lyrics to that one are so abstract / tongue in cheek. Doesn’t feel like it’s succeeding in making the point it’s trying to.

Is this just me? Probably


Asked them about it, said it was supposed to be from the perspective of a couple of coked up city boys. Said it was good I called them out on it.


Lovely band A+++ would interview again