Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)




Old guy on the left in the Future Of The Left Curses t-shirt


I think Iight actually be dead now


Ooh excited now, I’m basically just end up talking WRESTLING to them


Ended up chatting for over an hour, 40 mins recorded. Joe is one intense guy, seemed to warm to me after it became apparent that I’d done my homework.


They were absolutely amazing at Latitude, the new album is brilliant. They didn’t play Colussus but Danny Nedelko is so great, I love the little “I know him and he does” Pavement reference



Figured this would probably be a single, it was excellent at Latitude.

This band, man…


Just remembered to pre-order the album, everything released so far points to something really very rather good.


new tune is fucking mega


Did you get a chance to interview them in the end?

Finally transcribed the whole thing and now into the editing. Listening back, Joe said I was the first person who’d mentioned the Pavement reference to them, but I just threw it in mid-sentence as though it was obvious. Quite happy with that.


first time i heard that bit it put a right smile on my face

I hope Idles get really big. They deserve it. And I don’t see how they’d be out of place on say, the Radio 1 rock show or whatever should it happen. And they’re not so heavy that the usual Arctic Monkeys/Oasis lads should get upset.


When I was in a band I use to hate writing more than a verse and chorus worth of lyrics. Second and third verse were such a chore. To avoiding writing more I use to either
Repeat verse 1 again
List things and call that a verse
Repeat verse but change a single name or word and call it a second verse.

Noticed Idles do these. it’s not bad and they’re lyrics are good but every time I listen to their songs it reminds be of the struggles of having to write second or third verses.


Nice! No it didn’t happen yet but I’ve got time, they want the piece to run for next UK tour-ish time


whole load of in-stores announced, including Bristol, Brighton, Southsea, Cardiff, Sheffield…Shame its during EOTR but hopefully they will appear in the Rough Trade tent.

also an exhibition in London


Do you have a link to more info/dates please?


They’ve stuck them all on their facebook page:


Was getting a couple of funny looks in the office then realised I had just sang along to the line ‘I kissed a boy and I liked it’ out loud


The instore at Rough Trade East last year was my gig of the year, so I’ll be going again on 4th Sept (day after Oh Sees, arrgh) to banish the disappointment of being stuck right at the back at Heaven


Anyone here joined that group about them on Facebook?

It’s pretty intense, but in a (mostly) sweet and positive way. Anyway, just saw that Steve Lamaq posted in there about their 6Music session yesterday.