Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


Yeah im in that group. Its nice, if a bit too many 'OMG I just heard Danny Nedelko played on 6 music!" Posts (not huge news considering it was A-Listed…). But its a good positive page (hence i’ve resisted posting ‘will everyone stop posting every time they hear Idles on the radio!??’ As it will make me come across as a Negative Norman)

Session last night was great. Very happy for them and going by how many people in the FB group have supposedly preordered 5+ copies of the new album it wouldnt surprise me if it goes top 10


Mint :fist:


Love this, as usual spent much of it trying to work out which bit of Bristol he is standing in.


Opening scene is definitely the top of Windmill Hill… actually there’s a fair bit of Bedmo throughout


Going off on a tangent here, but my favourite for that is the St Pierre Snake Invasion

working their way up loads of shops up Gloucester Road


I interviewed Idles a couple of months back in Utrecht but it was only allowed to go online now. Here it is:


I would like your life please. Where do I sign up?


Can I shamelessly plug the Bristol after party at The Exhange that the band themselves have pulled together, and featuring them DJ’ing, Cruelty, and my band (as follows). It’s going to be good.


Listened to Brutalism for the first time today, was pretty fucking good.

Nice interview as well! Didn’t know the stereotype of reserved Dutch crowds, haven’t really noticed that myself.


We can do a Steveswap for a week and I’ll play drums so bad you’ll never work again!


The Dutch crowd stereotype is alive and well in Nijmegen, but at Down The Rabbit Hole people seemed pretty lively. No one clapped until four songs in with Yo La Tengo last night, but I think that was more out of respect for the fact that there was still some ambient noise between each song and they didn’t want to disturb it.


totally noticed it at Lowlands, crowd were pretty silent for the likes of Protomartyr, only really got going at Kendrick or Nile Rodgers


Album is finally out, have been binge listening to it for the past two months, pretty much. Here’s my review.


and it’s just arrived!


ooft, June is a toughie, huh. agree with you @ma0sm about Rottweiler on the album vs. live version too (btw you misspelled Margaret, sorry)



Seen a lorn or hand wringing about this band from the “punk community” which is very funny indeed


Yeah, to be honest I just skip it now :grimacing:

Thanks for the spelling heads up!


Thoughts from my first listen

• still wish that collosus kept building rather than turning into a ‘song’
• immediately like this more than the first album
• Danny Nedelko is great innit
• some bloody great lyrics, some that are a bit Banksy
• album closer is a beast


Good this