Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


Dead good


This is smashing.


Interesting - personally don’t think this is anywhere near as “immediate” as the last album


Yeah I like it a lot. One of those bands that have made me realise I haven’t fallen out of love with new music (Protomartyr also help).


Makes me think of Girl Band in parts


it’s been a while since I’ve listened to this (and the first time where it’s not been a stream which leaves gaps between songs) but the sequencing is spot on with this one


Great first listen. Really like a lot of the references and turns of phrase. They’re at risk of sounding a bit sixth form, but there’s a genuine-ness and a sarky charm/wit that for me means they end up hitting far more often than missing. This album is certainly a significant step foward from the first in all areas.

A lot of the hooks are already in my head, and this will probably be in my top 10 of the year just about.

Never Fight A Man With A Perm is class. June is brutal. Can’t wait to see these live again.


Yeah, I’m sold on them now. Cracking album. @OttoMaddox is spot on: they’re on the verge of sounding a bit adolescent lyric wise but their openness and knack for a turn of phrase keeps them from teetering over. Wish I’d have fallen for them before their Cardiff in-store sold out now.


Thank you IDLES for giving me something this month that is not just ok

Absolute belter!!


Really dig the tunes but just can’t get on with, as someone said above, the Banksy-ness of the lyrics. I really believe they’re genuinely felt and KNOW that they’re great guys, it’s just sadly a wall between me and the music.

I read an interview with the guy where I thought he sounded a bit like a politician on the campaign trail too, and I think that’s feeding into it.

Probably one of those I’ll listen to in a year without the hype/context and enjoy a lot more. Glad to see them doing well.


Havent looked forward to an album release so much for a very long time. Enjoying it a lot. But fucking hell ‘June’ is a proper gut-punch. Beautiful but so, so hard to listen to

Only criticisms would be that 4 songs released prior to the album release has possibly lessened the impact slightly for me (felt the same with FOTL ‘how to stop your brain’ with 3 or 4 songs already available on eps etc), and the cover song doesnt need to be on there, for me

Agree with ma0sm’s 8.5


Fucking belter this


What a fucking cracker this is. Danny Nedelko (who apparently I have several mutual Facebook friends with, who knew!), is the best thing I’ve heard all year, just pure, exuberant, singalong brilliance.


Wombic charm of the Union Jack
As he cries at the price of a bacon gap



Yeah this is excellent. On my second listen only half an hour after finishing my first!


This is proper good. Agree with whoever said Colssus should have kept going and going rather than going into the second half.

With a 9 week old son as well listened to June once and won’t be listening to it again for a bit. That song is Mount Eerie levels of sadness that I struggle to listen to constantly.


Musically I agree but I love the wrestling references lyrics, especially the Ted DiBiase line, in that end section


Yeah, I’ve got a 13 week old daughter and that was a real bleak listen. It passed me by on first listen, but properly got me on the second. Was chatting to @weeber about In Metal by Low taking on a whole new meaning when you have a kid. This is similar


Yeah for same reasons and as @Roughyed said I can’t go near that mount eerie record. Although about his wife other than child it’s just the devastation of a hole like that being torn in a family