Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


These are good and everything but it’s a lot like Future of the Left in places, isn’t it?


A few photos from their exhibition at HM Electric Gallery.


My exact thoughts when I was listening earlier. Why couldn’t NME etc have gotten behind McLusky or FotL like they have with these. Not begrudging Idles anything though, brilliant album.


Oh yeah absolutely the whole bit is good but that end bit could have been a whole other song.


They could’ve made the segue a bit more connected


Not listened to the new one yet. I am in that FB group too. Yeah, it’s good, but quite full on.


I watched that last Future Of The Left live recording again the other day and now realise that “Dev” who joins them on backing vocals for one song is Dev from Idles (who were supporting that night)


Listened to Colossus and really liked it apart from, as mentioned, above it does a weird about turn. Tried Danny Nedelko and while I was onboard with the sentiments the lyrics were a bit on the nose. Tried great which was a little more musically interesting but lyrics again a bit cringe.

They do at times remind me of fotl and girl band but not, for me, as musically inventive. I’ll probably buy the album and see whether the odd song popping up on shuffle grabs me.

Or maybe seeing them live would help them make more sense to me.


Ah cool, what song was that?


think people who are complaining about the lyrics being on the nose are being a bit “soft and cuddly with lots of firepower”. not sure there’s a way to discuss some of the issues they do without being on the nose


Fair point. Maybe just my hang up. At one point I was reminded of that well meaning but urgh song by The Rakes ‘Suspicious Eyes’ which can’t be good.


But I’d rather bands like idles existed and wrote this kind of stuff than not, I was just trying to explain why so far it wasn’t really clicking with me (not that anyone cares, really - but hey this is the internet).


Oh seeing them live will definitely enhance any good feeling towards them. The absolutely slay live!


I was a bit like that with the lyrics to Danny Nedelko but the tune has to totally taken over now to a point where I really appreciate the straight to the point(ness) of them now


It’s funny you say that, one track reminded me of The Rakes too.
Also. I just looked up the lyrics to ‘Suspicous eyes’ and oh dear…


My guess, based on not actually having a clue, is In A Former Life


I’ve decided this album is fucking glorious btw


That’s a wonderful example there Jordan :joy:


This album rules!

Tell me they are awesome live - I mean they have to be!

Come to Australia!!!


I can confirm that they are awesome live.