Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


Prompted by my @ing by @rich-t in response to your post, I thought that I’d give this a listen.

Jesus, June is absolutely devastating. Not a song to listen to when you’re maybe feeling a little fragile.

Great record though.


I can also confirm this having witnessed them absolutely destroy the tent they were playing in at Electric Fields last night.


I’m sure most of you have seen this already.

Glad Joe is saying they probably won’t do June live, for his well being more than anything


Listening to this again and again. Now wondering if he was listening to a lot of Interpol around writing the Danny Nedelko lyrics; ‘my best friend is… a Polish butcher’.


Listened through twice now. Lovely stuff. There seems to be room for the guitars in the mix which I am enjoying immensly. Does tail off towards the end after ‘Great’ though.


This is fucking tops. Like girl band covering blur.

Am having to skip June at the moment, it’s a brave and beautiful song though.


Album’s currently #2 in the charts too! Lovely stuff


I have seen the buzz building for this album seemingly for months, but never thought it would do this well. Excellent stuff.


I know comments like this don’t belong in a thread of such positivety but I just can’t get on with it.

15 year old me would have loved I’m sure but not liking the lyrics or really the vocals

Glad they are doing well though


It was!


Bit weird how Pitchfork have chosen to completely ignore them


I feel like if they do bother to review it now they’ll give it a 6.3 to be contrary and pull down the average score on metacritic/AOTY etc.


Probably couldn’t get a British writer to review it to give it the required 4.2


The Skinny got there first!


In your face PItchfork!


Did you like Brutalism?


to be honest I just don’t think the band is for me and for many reasons they should be


Nothing wrong with that at all. There’s many bands I’ve tried to get into because I ‘should’ be into them. Sometimes a band just doesn’t click.


Well they were just bloody amazing at Rough Trade East, second year running. Played for an hour, nearly all requests. They’re so warm and fun and funny. Just amazing.


My mate wrote this, was quite surprised by his rating tbh