Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (New Album)


yeah first album didn’t click with me at all even though they sounded very up my street, was largely the vocals putting me off. gonna try this new one though.


Pretty good guess. 6.8.


Reviewer sounded like they wanted to give it lower I think


As someone who’s already said above that, while delighted for the band and impressed by their sensibility across the board, the lyrics hold me back from getting on with this:

Fuck Pitchfork for singling out June as a song that cops out or backs away from a difficult subject.

Reminds me of their last Frightened Rabbit review. Just mean-spirited and fucking unnecessary.


Not a bad guess!


Yeah to describe that song as a ‘turgid singalong’ is absolutely fucking disgraceful.


I feel like they’re far more predictable than they used to be score-wise. Particularly when it comes to non-US guitar-music that isn’t Radiohead.

And that mention of June… I’m not sure the reviewer realises that those lyrics aren’t just coming from a place of support but actually living through it. Should have done their fucking research. And if they did know, then fuck me what a genuinely horrible thing to write.


They must have known. Presuming they’ve done even the slightest bit of research, every single article, review, interview etc with the band mentions the facts around that song. I don’t see any way the reviewer wouldn’t have been aware and it’s at best an absolutely awful, insensitive piece of writing and at worst a really disgusting attack on the way a grieving man chooses to express himself.


As a note on whether or not the reviewer knew, the press pack that came with this album for review was FAR more in depth than most including a breakdown on the meaning of each song.


Yeah I thought their casual dismissal of June was pretty tone deaf.


Between this and the last Protomartyr review, Pitchfork can fuck RIGHT off.


This is starting to resemble an IGN messageboard where everyone gets mad over video game review scores.


Except for the fact that no-one is really that mad about the score but mad about a writer’s treatment of a song about losing a child.


Well, that’s message boards for you, I guess. :wink:


Went to their lunchtime gig in Sheffield today. I thought it might be a bit low-key, but it was absolutely spot-on. They went full throttle and it was utter, utter joyous mayhem. They even got a jaded old sod like me out of mosh pit retirement. Punk’s not dead!


So you know him, and can confirm that “he does”?




fuck me this album is a blast


Even Charlie Brooker has jumped in


Not getting on with the whole thing (some of the choruses sound a bit like a landfill indie band who’s name I’ve forgotten …) but Samaritans is a total belter if nothing else.