Back with a new single Mr. Motivator

I was wondering when this lot would appear. They recorded the next album last year thought with all the lockdown stuff they wouldn’t be back for a bit.

Excited for new material but not really sure on Mr Motivator tbh.

State of this



It’s like I can hear the song without hearing it


Is this from a new album or something? It’s grim.

it’s a bit AI generated Idles lyrics isn’t it


Aaaaaahahahahahaha, fucking state of that.

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Well, I liked it. *shrugs *

It’s a big stupid, slogany, chant of a song isn’t it? Like a good amount of their tracks.


Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly, but I don’t get as excited as I did when I heard Brutalism


I’m not sure Vasily Lomachenko fits well in a chant.

Not sure who I feel on the whole. It’s stupid as fuck but then there are thousands of bands who make similar music that is po-faced so I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Maybe the new album will be made entirely of song titles that are TV/film fitness people - Jane Fonda, Mr Motivator, Rosemary Conley etc

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Hold on, you didn’t write this as a hilarious joke? Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

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I remember I mentioned this before , seems their lyrics always go with either 'listing things’or ‘repeat but change one word each time.’ As someone who is reallly lazy/shit at lyrics I use those two techniques all the time, way easier.

I mean the last album was great and that had lyrics like ‘I’m sorry your grandma’s dead…ahhh lovely spread’ and ‘10 points from Gryffindor!’ repeated over and over

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Everyone’s on bugle.
We’re being watched by Google.
Like Theresa May and Brian May pooing on a poodle.

Fucking rubbish.


Yet another Idles song where the drums, bass and production are bloody great and hit me like a rock. But then the vocals kick in and it sounds like he’s shouting a draft of Banksy artwork mixed with a “hee-lay-rious” article from the October 2006 UWE Bristol Western Eye about what celebrity chefs would be if they were sea creatures.



Not to worry, I’m listening to the new Jeff Rosenstock album, he knows how to do this kind of thing properly.

Now there’s a documentary

Don’t Go Gentle: A Film About IDLES

Anyone know why they’ve mysteriously disappeared from the 6music playlist? It’s only been out for a couple of weeks. Anything to do with the current climate of sensitivity??