Idlewild 2019


I could. In fact, I think I did before.


I mean, there’s some good stuff in there. For me it’s just such a tail off compared to how good the first 3 (and Captain) are.

I know, I know, “I preferred the early stuff” - peak DiS.


Well early and old Idlewild are basically totally different bands really. I think you can say there are three eras of the band - beginning to The Remote Part, Remote Part to Post Electric Blues, and the post-Hiatus stuff.


Fair. I’d classify them as follows:

Exciting / Extra Medium / Auld Da


More tour dates (Eng & Sco so far):


That new song is boring is hell.

IMO Idlewild haven’t produced anything interesting since The Remote Part. They’re now just another bland and inoffensive band.


No ‘Collect Yourself’?


W/P and MAW are a step down but I still enjoyed them at the time. rarely listen to those now but remember thinking some tracks definitely held up well last time i did (they’re also still quite tied up with a nostalgic reaction for me so it’s hard to judge them objectively)

PEB and EEW were a step down too far into Radio 2 territory for me.


Two things

They’ve ballsed up this 1pm announcement eh?

And the later half of that track sounds a lot like The Deluder by Roddy, which I loved.


Definitely x2.


it’s probably just that their digital distributor has fucked them and released it on to spotify at midnight last night


Are these not (Idle)wildly ambitious room sizes?


just listened to the 30 second clip on instagram. who the fuck’s singing? are we sure this is the same band?


What the hell is going on with that vinyl?


The thing that caught my eye was that the tour schedule is a bit mental.
Southampton to Leeds and then back down to London for example. Tour manager is off his loaf.


Splatter effect m9.
The indie shop variant is red I believe.


It looks like someone spilled a load of that mint sauce that ice cream vans have all over their pristine white vinyl :slight_smile:


I now want an ice cream :laughing:


London > Birmingham > Manchester… doing okay…



That’s twice in two days Norwich gigs have been mentioned on Dis.
Meat Puppets and now this.
North Norfolk Digital must have a more indie audience than I’d given them credit for.