Idlewild 2019


Roddy has changed the tone of his voice over his solo career and as I say this sounds a lot like The Deluder.

Seriously, try it.


Was initially balking at this, assuming you meant the other mint sauce but I’m with you now :wink:

Dipped my toe into latter Idlewild with Post Electric Blues and Christ, I get the REM influences but City Hall is basically Electrolite sans banjo.


is that actually him?? wow, sounds nothing like him. i thought they’d started letting the keyboard dickhead sing or something

didn’t listen to The Deluder but i remember hearing a single where he didn’t sound that different


his first solo album is actually pretty good, as with almost everyone else in this thread i think they absolutely went off a cliff after the remote part

the newer stuff isn’t horrendous just really dull


yeah i liked the solo debut a lot at the time. never really got into the rest of his solo stuff. bought the Drever McCusker Woomble one at the time but it never did much for me


Think all his solo albums are pretty great tbf.
Also love the one he did with McCusker and Drever.

boo that man! :smile::smile:


was obsessed with both Idlewild and Radiohead at the time so was amazed at the concept of Roddy Woomble and Phil Selway working together.

found it pretty boring though.

probably more into folky stuff now so i might give it another go. i liked the first track but couldn’t get on with the rest.


Definitely worth another bash. Drever’s voice grated with me a bit at first but he’s fucking brilliant and as a result I got into Lau etc.


Roddys on 6music on for a chat

Hard to argue with 3 Funky Friday Floor Fillers tbf


Sad this.


Just coming in to say that I really enjoy Warnings/Promises. Not sure I have much interest in a new Idlewild album though.




ok i recognise Roddy on the full song, it was the outro that they posted on instagram, which very much sounds like someone else


Shaun Keaveny is a fucking dose isnt he?


Sounds like theyve been listening to the new Arctic Monkeys


New song is excellent, apart from the last minute.


It’s no worse than the rest of the mortgage rock they put out.


that confused me too, mrs tv asked what I was listening to and I had to say that I didn’t know for sure, it was either the new idlewild song or a joke or something


a friend mentioned that he read a review of roddy’s solo stuff years ago that said something like: we always knew there was a great folk singer in roddy, we were wrong, or at least words to that effect.


when they put out the promo for everything ever written, there was a shot of rod using a drill, I thought they might be doing something interesting or weird for the sake of it but I think he was just putting up a shelf or something