Idlewild 2019


if there’s one thing that’ll get me posting on the music board, it’s an idlewild thread so stop making them


they came back from their hiatus saying “we know the last album wasn’t very good” but then made a new album that sounded the same only worse.



I really like 4 songs from it…El Capitan, Too Long Away, I Understand It, and Love Steals Us From Loneliness. Plus that Winter Is Blue b-side cover is lovely.

Anyways, I like this new song it’s fairly solid. They’ll obviously never put out anything as good as the 2nd/3rd albums again because they’re…old but they still put out good stuff. The 4th and 5th albums had some good songs on it, the 6th album was excellent, and anything else now is just gravy. Album 7 had a couple great tracks to add to their best of (Come On Ghost and Collect Yourself), and I’m sure this one will give us a couple good tracks too to build on their solid discography.

Really when I make a CD mix of around the 20 best songs by a band, Idlewild’s is one of my favourites, rivals anyone else.


This playlist did the job, I spent the next few months properly listening to latter day Idlewild to death, some fantastic songs on those later albums. Post Electric Blues got the most listens I think.

Not a fan of the new single though.


Love Steals Us From Loneliness is an absolute belter and one of their best tunes tbf


I know he was painted as just a bassist who head banged but I can’t help wonder what all the post remote part albums would’ve sounded like with Bob.

  • Hope Is Important
  • 100 Broken Windows

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By all accounts I think he needed the time out tbf.
Reckon they would have imploded otherwise.


I don’t get the indifference to Make Another World. Absolutely love that record…it’s short, and just crammed full of stormers.


People like to moan.
“oh I wish they’d rock again” they release MAW - “oh I wish they’d do some slow anthems”



Finished It Remains is a belter of a closer.


I think the title track is probably the best of their mature stuff.


Best songs on that album? I’ve never given it a proper go



Really looking forward to that Southampton show. Haven’t seen Idlewild since they were touring 100 Broken Windows and they were great. Also saw them doing a Glastonbury warmup at the Wedgewood Rooms when Hope Is Important had just come out and they were incredible. Proper noisy buzzsaw punk.


Yeah, I;ve gone back and relistened a lot recently, and Make Another World is a bit of a belter isn’t it?


remember this

(Scottish Fuction)


don’t know why they didn’t play this more


Give the whole LP a stream as it’s fucking aces but if you’re really pushed for time:
A ghost in the arcade
No emotion
In competition for the worst time
Finished it remains


One of my favourites.
Is that from the dvd that came with the best of?
Cos that’s a cracking show.