Idlewild 2019


Fucking hell, are we the same person?


it is. haven’t watched it in years. i remember there being some good little unreleased song snippets weaved throughout the full film bit.


sounds a tiny bit dated now but still v catchy

used to love this but just listening back after posting it above it doesn’t do it for me quite so much these days

If It Takes You Home remains the biggest banger


Only left it off my list and they probably leave it off set lists due to similarity to A Modern Way Of Letting Go.


but that’s why it’s good!




Ok. This album immediately bangs


absolutely great B-sides band back in the day weren’t they? The Remote Part b-sides alone are great


Still hoping A Distant History gets a vinyl pressing at some points. After the Hope Is Important and 100 Broken Windows repressed I was hoping the others would get done. I’d bloody love Captain and w/p on vinyl too.


I actually meant Make Another World here, PEB is decent enough but MAW is fantastic. Once In Your Life is possibly my favourite Idlewild song, the way the guitar line gets heavier and heavier between the verses…


don’t think it was ever released physically at all, was it? also disappointingly skips over most of the 100 Broken Windows b-sides although maybe they were already planning the anniversary reissue by then


Nah digital only I. E. Doesn’t really exist.
Aye the 100 Broken Windows deluxe was great, again hoped lp repressed would have had them but didn’t. Would love all the LPs to get deluxe packages, radio sessions etc too.
I’m greedy.


started collecting some of their 7"s off ebay when i was about 17. don’t have any of the albums on vinyl though


Didn’t get the represses (yet) as I have og pressings. Have everything released. Really annoying w/p wasn’t on vinyl.
Have the gatefold of the remote part signed by the lineup at the time., looks great as it’s a photo of the band.


This should be the bulk of it


bloody ell! even the early singles!

also i wasn’t keen on that live album. the artwork was a good indication of its contents.


Blimey! You’ve made me feel okay about rebuying the vinyl of cd’s I own. Cheers.


Aye getting queen of the troubled teens, Satan Polaroid chandelier was tricky enough. Satan Polaroids signed by roddy and Live is signed by that lineup sans violin lady.
It was alright. Acoustic set is nice. Think a big issue was the new recruits at the time.


Aye I fully endorse buying fave albums/bands on vinyl :grinning::+1:


only realised a while ago she’s the one playing with King Creosote too. bit better suited to his sets, still not keen on having violin all over Film for the Future