Idlewild 2019


Worked class for you held the world. All the other tunes :man_shrugging:
Aye more suited to kc who is good too of course.


Haven’t seen them live since the Post Electric Blues tour, which I hadn’t heard at the time and just hoped they wouldn’t play much off it! They were properly excellent though. The 2015 live album lacked a little oomph imo. Will try and see them on this one maybe


this too (for me anyway):


Glad to see an almost immediate re-appraisal of MAW. It really is fantastic


I just listened to that new song. Fucking hell. Someone tell me it’s a grower.


No. It’s toilet


Are you guys talking about Make Another World the song or the album? The song is fantastic, one of my 15 or 20 favourite songs of all-time. The album though is quite forgettable. It’s consistent and a decent listen but nothing great, I thought Post-Electric Blues was much better.

Though it does hold some sentimental value for me. I came in to school on a cold groggy morning and they were having a used CD sale and I randomly spot that album which took me by surprise having never seen an Idlewild album being sold in-person in Canada so it was my first physical copy of one of their albums.