Idlewild 2019


Worked class for you held the world. All the other tunes :man_shrugging:
Aye more suited to kc who is good too of course.

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Haven’t seen them live since the Post Electric Blues tour, which I hadn’t heard at the time and just hoped they wouldn’t play much off it! They were properly excellent though. The 2015 live album lacked a little oomph imo. Will try and see them on this one maybe

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this too (for me anyway):



Glad to see an almost immediate re-appraisal of MAW. It really is fantastic

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I just listened to that new song. Fucking hell. Someone tell me it’s a grower.

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No. It’s toilet



Are you guys talking about Make Another World the song or the album? The song is fantastic, one of my 15 or 20 favourite songs of all-time. The album though is quite forgettable. It’s consistent and a decent listen but nothing great, I thought Post-Electric Blues was much better.

Though it does hold some sentimental value for me. I came in to school on a cold groggy morning and they were having a used CD sale and I randomly spot that album which took me by surprise having never seen an Idlewild album being sold in-person in Canada so it was my first physical copy of one of their albums.



Very much this.

I saw Idlewild in 1999 and they were the greatest goddamn thing ever, and blew the band they were supporting (lol, Ash) off stage.

Saw them in 2014 and they were just…really tired sounding, utterly different.

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I saw them approx 1999 as well, not long after the Concorde II had opened. It was the first gig I’d been there and it was aces. Tbh, when I saw them again back in 2007 they seemed tired and going through the motions even then. It was an overseas gig and I charitably put it down to jet lag, but looking back I think it was the start of the decline for me.



Saw them at the Anson Rooms in Bristol on their last tour. Wasn’t planning on going, as I’d not thought much of recent stuff, but happened to be free on the day, and pals were going so I went along. Was still really good fun (might have helped that they played a fair chunk from 100 Broken Windows and Hope is Important).



From Captain through Hope is Important, 100 Broken Windows and Remote Part they were my favorite band, everything they did was just so so good and just era defining for me. I enjoyed listening to Warnings/Promises but it kind of marked the period where they started to become a different band and not the one that I needed right then. I still bought every release up to Post Electric Blues hoping they would recapture the thing that made them so special but that was my station where I stepped off the train.

I’m genuinely happy for them if what they are doing is making them happy and it is successful for what they want. But I’ll take the memories and stick to the first 4 records.



I stubbornly refused to listen to anything after Remote Part cause my ridiculous expectations (i.e. keep re-making 100BW over and over) were just never going to be met.

Actually gave them all a spin for the first time this week. As expected they’re all perfectly good albums, and would probably have all been on regular rotation if I didn’t keep comparing it to earlier stuff.

Helps to come at them from a different perspective too. Thinking of later Idlewild as contemporaries of Teenage Fanclub etc., rather than contemporaries of their earlier selves!

Makes the rock star guitar solos more palatable at least :smiley:



I think I mostly blame the iDLEWiLD font change and Bob leaving



That new song might not be too bad if it was heavier and big with better lyrics and more like arty

Pity what happened to them

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Actually its mad how they cant seem to go back to the original sound and give us something interesting



‘They were great before Bob left’ was pretty much a battlecry around the student pubs of Edinburgh back in the mid-2000s.



Could be a promising sign

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Another new song is out, what the hell is going on with his voice on it?



seems to have adopted a new accent? decent song though compared to most of their recent output



Like the song. Dislike the video. Looks like something someone’s nephew knocked up on Windows 98

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