Idlewild - The Remote Part 20th Anniversary Shows


They seemed to be having a lot more fun on their last tour, so hope that’s translated to the studio. Fingers crossed.

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This is pertinent to my interests.


I don’t like Everything Ever Written anymore.

Really like some of it some of its meh. Bizarre sequencing. Starts with a bang and then slams on the breaks HARD .

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Great news. Although excluding the rarities album, don’t think I’ve listened to anything since Make Another Wold. Should catch up.

Only 2 LPs and a live album since then. Give them both a go on streaming sites sure.

Agreed! Once I fiddled with the track list I found it a much easier listen. Broadly, I liked some of the stuff they were doing with sounds on that album but am not reallly sure the best songs fully emerged from them.

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aye it’s shite. and the album before that.

Gah - new song’s on Spotify and really dull. Can imagine them on Jools Holland Really Vibing Out…

Yeah, that’s not good.


I think Idlewild will go down as one of my top 10 favourite bands. They haven’t released anything good since 2009 (Post-Electric Blues, really solid album) and they’ve basically retired with a random release here and there as I see it but such a pleasurable band to listen to even when they’re average.

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Nah, I really like it! It sounds a bit more focused.

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Have to strongly disagree re: Post Electric Blues though.

I may or may not be biased

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Agreed. I like the cut of it’s jib.
The album preorder must go like today. Their websitesites just a landing page atm but by taking a stab at url names I got this:
first tour date listed too, has a real DiS feel to that festival name:

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Did a bit more html snooping and here yous go:

New album ‘Interview Music’ released 5th April.

I’m glad to see they’re still making music but I can’t get enthused about this.

Don’t think I could make an albums worth of songs I like from all their records post Remote Part and their Leith theatre gig in 2017 was one of the most boring things I’ve ever seen.

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A two word album name?

No. No. This won’t do.

Hope is Important
Hundred Broken Windows
The Remote Part
Warnings Slash Promises
Make Another World
Post Electric Blues
Everything Ever Written