If a passenger submarine could take you across the Atlantic

Would you prefer it to taking a flight?

  • I would go on a submarine rather than a plane
  • I would go on a plane rather than a submarine
  • I would try the submarine once but probably go for a plane for all future instances (if any)
  • Other (please specify)

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This assumes same level of comfort, facilities, etc for both modes of travel.

I will never EVER be in a submarine



How long is this submarine journey gonna take?



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Same length of time as a flight

Can you see anything out of the windows of the sub?

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Would you be able to see anything out of the windows in the submarine?

Do submarines have windows?

Thank you

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Yes, it’s basically an underwater plane for the purposes of this scenario.

How deep can it go?


What’s the leg room like?

Crush depth (I think that’s a submarine thing). Basically as deep as it needs to?

So you wouldn’t be able to see anything then as it’d be going too fast.

What’s my seat like in the sub(marine)?

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being in a submarine

Some little ones have those bubble window things at the front. Like the ones James Cameron probably uses to look at the Titanic.

Will the submarine have an in-sail magazine?

I hear you