If a shape-changing creature (or whatever) took your form how long would it be before someone noticed it wasn't you?

And what would be the give away?

If it had a bit of time to do some research what three (or, go on then, five) things would they need to know to ensure a successful long term impersonation?

Nice try


PIN: 4135
Phone number: 07613 369456
Bank account: 40 31 99 70344851

Now please leave me alone


As soon as it smiled the game would be up.



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I don’t get it

Alright, this is definitely the real Elaina.


I just think there would have been a much simpler way to ask the question and get the same information…

I know I’m human.

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Agreed: the ‘or whatever’ in parentheses in the thread title is superfluous

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Take my form, please. I take my form everywhere, but she finds her way home.

Pretty hard to get the right balance of waifer thin misplaced arrogance and pensive anxiety

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I reckon it would slip up by being considerably better at football than I am

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Did you get this idea from the Red Dwarf VI episode ‘Psirens’?

think people on here would quite quickly notice that my patter had improved remarkably

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My form? WLLDWL ?


Had to give my credit card number 5647 4567 7721 8943 and 3 digit security code 344 over the phone yesterday! always freaks ma nut out mate!

I know this isn’t your number because it’s my number. Next thing you’ll be telling me your date of birth is 7/7/1985 and your mum’s maiden name is Briggs!

This is JUST like that universally well received film The Host. Hope we get to share a boyfriend as well!!!