If a shape-changing creature (or whatever) took your form how long would it be before someone noticed it wasn't you?

Basic Sysadmin
Some knowledge of grappling (a lazy half guard would probably do it).
Sullen work demeanor
a familiarity with DiS music
The usual bank details/passwords etc

It would probably run into difficulty when chatting to the TV then again they’d probably prefer having someone who wasn’t a chatterbox :thinking:

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What sort of a nerd do you think I am?

And no, doppelgangers have been around much longer than that old shite.

I reckon people would twig when it changed its shape again, since most people know I can’t do that.

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It would do that in the toilet cubicles, it’s not a div.

We’re all contortionists in toilet cubicles when struggling with a particularly difficult movement.


Ok then I retract my answer and replace it with “almost immediately, because they’d notice that it’s not a div.”

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