If anyone would like a nice reduced blanket

Then get em here!

Only a few colours in the recycled wool one I have, but still most look nice to me - or can get the fancy lambswool ones at a much more reasonable price

Got mine at Christmas, love it, thought some others might like to know given it’s over 50% off on some of these


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I’ve been thinking of buying an action blanket, can’t decide if they’re shit or brilliant.


Twice the price of an Oodie? Fuuuu

Tbf if it’s woven in the uk at least I can understand that aspect of the price bump - I’m guessing that’s not the case for an Oodie

(The TBCo ones are the classic “designed” in Scotland, woven in Indian/Thailand etc - was a little disappointed by that but then yeah duh, for that price point you weren’t gonna get a handcrafted Scottish item)

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I’m forever getting ads for Oodies, and they’re like £80 a pop!

:musical_note: Action Blanket…the greatest herooo of them all! :musical_note:
and NEW ‘Eagle Eyes’ Action Blanket


is that how much blankets usually cost?

fancy scottish ones that try to ease your materialist guilt by using recycled materials, sure!

I’m meant to be making blankets for some disers but life has got in the way and i feel bad. Also, not sure I’ll ever be happy with another the way i am with the last one i made. The blanket market is crazy - £4 for a massive fleecy one in primark, or super spenny for homemade or ethically made ones. Even when i make ones from leftover wool i still buy extra and obviously still bought that leftover wool at one point and the hours they take :exploding_head:

This one took me something like 90 hours but i love it so so much


stunning tbf

The different strips of colours all represent something too :relaxed: Seasons, moods, memories over the course of a year.

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What’s the difference between a throw and blanket?

As always…Dunelm is my answer.

I have one the same as @AutumnBeech from there’s thats good dimenaions and thickness. Sure its that’s size or thereabouts.

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I want to be in a position where I can invite a bunch of people to my large house with excellent outdoor area where we can all eat and drink and chat and I’ll dish out the action blankets when it’s getting chilly.

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I’ve gone ahead with this so thank you kindly - alfredo will be a happy doggy x

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I’ve gotten well into blankets lately. After 40+ years of skepticism, I have discovered the joy of actually being warm on the sofa.

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